‘A Million Little Things’ Show Boss Revealed When Season 3 Will Start Shooting

ABC’s A Million Little Things has been on hiatus for several months now. And when the COVID-19 outbreak brought the entire Hollywood production industry to a screeching halt, fans were worried that their favorite relationship drama would be on ice for even longer than usual. As luck would have it, things may get going sooner than many people expected. Here’s what we’ve learned so far about production plans for A Million Little Things Season 3.

'A Million Little Things' cast
‘A Million Little Things’ cast | Phil McCarten via Getty Images

Show creator DJ Nash gave fans a peek at the writers room for ‘A Million Little Things’

DJ Nash, the creator and showrunner, tweeted an image of the writers room for A Million Little Things. The snapshot captures 16 individuals in what look to be separate locations.

Like many other workplaces around the world, it stands to reason that the COVID-19 pandemic has caused the show’s creative team to shift to a virtual writers room in the interest of health and safety. Regardless of the new production process, fans are pumped that the minds behind A Million Little Things are back to craft more compelling stories.

Tell those nasty, rude, mean people on Facebook this,” tweeted an enthusiast, “They said with COVID-19 the new season wouldn’t be this year. Yet DJ said the writers have already started writing in quarantine. There’re ways to shoot.”

DJ Nash dished on the upcoming production schedule

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Now that season 3 is officially in the works, Twitter fans have hammered Nash with questions about the show. “Hi, DJ,” a fan tweeted, “Is there an official season 3 premiere date yet? We Millionaires need something positive to look forward to! Stay Safe!”

Nash, who is known for engaging with the audience, replied, writing, “No official word, but we start shooting in late August.” That news brought on a flurry of celebratory tweets, as well as more speculation about how the plot will play out.

While he has remained mum about details, Nash did reveal that the season premiere script is already complete. “[Michelle Leibel] and I finished writing the premiere today,” Nash tweeted, “So Eddie’s fate has been determined. I promise you the episode will make you cry.”

How can fans catch up on ‘A Million Little Things’?

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It’s no secret that the addictive relationship drama has hooked viewers. Even though the show is on hiatus, fanatics can still get their fix. Hulu currently offers the entire second season on its platform. Subscribers who want to relive the ups and downs of the group can stream the series anytime.

A Million Little Things airs on ABC and stars David Giuntoli, Romany Malco, Allison Miller, Christina Moses, Grace Park, James Roday, Stephanie Szostak, Tristan Byon, Lizzy Greene, and Chance Hurstfiled.

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