‘A Million Little Things’ Show Boss Says 1 Character May Not Return in Season 3

A Million Little Things creator and showrunner DJ Nash is known for engaging with fans on social media. With that in mind, several Twitter followers fired off questions about the coming season. Nash joined the conversation and teased what to expect next and who we may — or may not — see on the show in season 3.

'A Million Little Things'
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Will the entire main cast return for ‘A Million Little Things’ Season 3?

A Million Little Things Season 2 left the core group of characters virtually in shambles. After Rome and Regina’s baby adoption fell apart, their relationship appeared to splinter. With Gary and Maggie in the Friend Zone, Mags prepared to fly away for a year-long fellowship in England. And in the midst of rebuilding his relationship with Katherine, Eddie was mowed down by a car.

What’s more, popular supporting characters like PJ and Eric had disappeared from the canvas even before the end of the season. As a consolation, recurring player Miles hung around, but for how long?

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The shocking events of the finale left fans wondering what will become of the friend group. Luckily for fans, Nash gave a definitive answer about whether the entire main cast will return for A Million Little Things Season 3.

“Yes. Either in flashbacks or in present day scenes, all the main characters from season 2 are back,” tweeted Nash.

Unfortunately, that comment caused a flurry of worried responses, speculating about Eddie’s fate. Some fans predict that the musician will fall into a coma, others believe he will become paralyzed, and many fear that he will pass away. Whatever the case, viewers will have to wait until the show returns to learn the answer to that burning question.

Will fan-favorite guest stars make a comeback in season 3?

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Part of the charm of A Million Little Things comes from the impeccable casting of the main stars, as well as the guest actors. The Walking Dead OG Chandler Riggs brought the angsty teen, Patrick ‘PJ’ Nelson, to life in nine episodes of season 2.

Initially, Nash tweeted that he was hoping to bring back the character, but a recent Twitter comment hints that he’s not so sure it will be possible. “Sadly, because of [COVID-19] and some quarantine restrictions, I may not be able to have PJ back this season. I had a story for him, but some of the plans for the season needed to be tweaked. Hope he will be back visiting the gang soon,” wrote Nash.

Although PJ may not return, Nash was able to share better news about Gary’s new ladylove, Darcy, played by Floriana Lima. He confirmed in a tweet that she will indeed be around for season 3.

In an earlier interview with Deadline, Nash expressed the desire to also bring back Jason Ritter as Eric and Parker Young as Miles. But neither actor had been confirmed to appear in season 3 at the time of writing.

A Million Little Things is slated to return to ABC during the 2020-2021 season.

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