‘A Million Little Things’: The Fan Theory That Could Put Eddie and Delilah Back Together

The Savilles looked to be on the road to redemption in A Million Little Things Season 2. Then, in true dramatic fashion, the story took a sharp turn leaving viewers wondering what will happen next. Some fans think they know what’s to come in season 3, and their predictions do not look good for Katherine. [Spoiler warning: This article contains details about A Million Little Things Season 2.]

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Where did ‘A Million Little Things’ Season 2 leave Eddie and Katherine?

An affair, a love child, and a separation nearly drove Eddie and Katherine Saville apart forever. But, after some soul searching, hard work, and even some canoodling in a closet at an open house, the Savilles made their way back to a loving — and hot — marriage.

To the delight of their son, Theo, and their circle of friends, the lovebirds were primed to renew their vows. But when Rome and Regina’s birth mother went into labor, the ceremony had to be put on pause. That gave Ed a chance to take a road trip to the fabled lake with his sister to investigate a decades-old death of his teenaged love, Alex.

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Although Eddie failed to discover exact details of what transpired, Alex’s father laid on a big enough guilt trip for the musician to deduce that he was indeed at fault for the young girl’s drowning. That sent Ed into an emotional spiral, which landed him in a bar.

Eddie was tempted to drink but ultimately resisted the urge. Instead, he decided to hightail it back to Katherine to complete the recommitment ceremony in private. As (bad) luck would have it, a driver barreled through Eddie’s path and mowed him down. The audience was left to ponder his fate until A Million Little Things returns for season 3.

One fan theory spells trouble for Eddie and Katherine

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DJ Nash, the showrunner, has remained mum about what Eddie’s future holds, or if the character even has a future. But some fans seem to think they have predicted what will come next, and it involves reopening the messy love triangle storyline that launched A Million Little Things Season 1.

One Twitter fan predicted, “[A] coma, and he only remembers Delilah. Each episode has a character reminiscing their interactions with him to get him back.”

If Eddie awakens from a coma with Delilah — the mother of his lovechild — as the only emotional connection he can remember, some shippers believe it could cause a domino effect with Delilah remembering how much she once cared for Ed. Could the ex-lovers be headed for a reconciliation?

Some buffs have taken the theory even further, speculating that Katherine will reignite a romance with an old flame as a result of Eddie’s condition. One fan wrote, “While Eddie [is] in a coma, Katherine will go back with Hunter.”

What does ‘A Million Little Things’ show boss, DJ Nash, say about season 3?

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If the writers were to incorporate a coma storyline and revive the original love triangle, it would bode well for drama lovers who relish juicy plot twists. But at the moment, Nash will not confirm or deny the fan theories about A Million Little Things Season 3. The show boss won’t even dish whether Eddie is dead or alive.

But what he did promise, when speaking to Deadline, is that things will change dramatically for the Saville family. He told the outlet this: “He was hit by the car, and, what I’ve said about this is, I’m not confirming whether he’s dead or alive. I will say that Katherine and Theo’s life will never be the same.”

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