‘A Million Little Things’: Will Jason Ritter Return as Eric in Season 3?

Much of the charm of A Million Little Things lies in the ensemble cast of relatable characters. While the core group garners most of the spotlight, there has been an impressive list of guest stars over the course of two seasons. Once such recurring actor, Jason Ritter, brought to life the flawed yet well-meaning Eric. Is it possible that the fan-favorite will return for an encore in season 3?

'A Million Little Things' guest star Jason Ritter
‘A Million Little Things’ guest star Jason Ritter | Jack Rowand/ABC via Getty Images

‘A Million Little Things’: The story of Eric

Ritter brought relatability to the role of Eric, a grieving soul who lied to cope with his pain. When Maggie learned that Eric was the transplant recipient of her brother’s heart, the twosome quickly bonded.

Their connection did not sit well with Maggie’s then-boyfriend Gary. The conflict eventually drove a wedge between the lovers, and they split up. But as the drama unfolded, Maggie discovered that Eric did not have a heart transplant. In fact, his dearly departed fiancé was the recipient of the heart that meant so much to Mags. Unfortunately, the woman had passed away, and Eric did not have the heart to tell her.

Once the truth came out, Maggie ended her friendship with Eric. But when she decided to try to rekindle things with Gary, he had already moved on with a new ladylove. Could Eric return to redeem himself? Fans can only hope so.

How did viewers react to Jason Ritter as Eric?

'A Million Little Things'
‘A Million Little Things’ | Jack Rowand/ABC via Getty Images

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“I really liked A Million Little Things before Jason Ritter showed up, and now I’m so excited. I love Jason Ritter and I’m so excited he popped up,” tweeted a fan shortly after Ritter appeared on the show.

That sentiment persisted with many fans who enjoyed Ritter’s authentic performance on the show. One enthusiast who listened to an interview with the actor noted, “Jason Ritter spoke about his guest-starring role on ABC’s A Million Little Things and channeling his grief in some more challenging scenes. He’s such a fantastic actor and so underrated. I hope we get to see him do more amazing stuff in the future!”

Even viewers who delayed watching the series live got in on the conversation about Ritter, like this fan who said, “Getting caught up with A Million Little Things. Update. I still love Jason Ritter.”

What does showrunner, DJ Nash, say about a possible return for Ritter?

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Showrunner, DJ Nash, has stayed mum about details about the upcoming season. However, he was forthcoming about his feelings regarding a possible Ritter return.

“I love Jason Ritter, and I would love to find a way to bring him back if his schedule will allow,” Nash shared with Deadline. “Eric has done many, many questionable things, but we were more sympathetic to the story in the end than we were when we found out the secret.”

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