A New Avenger? Robert Downey Jr. Welcomes Stephen Colbert Into the Family

Stephen Colbert continues to keep fans entertained while he practices social distancing. Earlier this week, he transformed himself into Tony Stark and discussed the coronavirus pandemic. Well, it looks like the real Iron Man took notice. Actor Robert Downey Jr. retweeted Colbert’s video and welcomed the comedian into the Avengers family with open arms. 

Robert Downey Jr.
Robert Downey Jr. | Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images

How Stephen Colbert prepped to become Tony Stark

Late-night talks shows are halting live in-studio productions as a safety precaution to stop the spread of the COVID-19 coronavirus. So hosts like Stephen Colbert have been airing monologues and sketches from their homes to keep audiences entertained.

On March 24, Colbert posted a video on the “Late Show With Stephen Colbert” Youtube page titled “Returning My Face Back to Normal.” The three and a half minute clip begins with the comedian talking about shaving his beard while standing in front of his bathroom mirror. 

“Today, we’re going to take off whatever that is,” Colbert says as he points to his facial hair.  “I would call it a beard but I think that’s very generous. I was going to grow this out while we were all going through this but I don’t actually want to actually look like an extra in Cormac McCarthy’s The Road when this thing’s over.”

He looked just like Robert Downy Jr. in ‘Iron Man’

Colbert then raids his wife’s makeup bags and tries to jazz up his look before shaving off his entire beard. After layering on some skincare products and eyeliner, the comedian steps out of the frame and re-enters five minutes later voicing the melody to Black Sabbath’s “Iron Man.” And he looks just like Robert Downey Jr.’s version of the character.

“Tony Stark, what seems to be the problem, viruses?” he says donned in a Tony Stark style suit, tie, glasses, and colored-in beard. “Is everybody staying at home? That’s step number one. Don’t go out. It’s not just for yourself, it’s for your loved ones.”

The comedian then taps his eyeglasses and asks Jarvis to fire up the lab. “You need robots, tiny little robots,” he says. “And yes, the artificial intelligence systems I implant in those robots may inspire the tiny robots to believe that though they are small, they are superior to mankind. And they will likely learn from the viruses how to reproduce at a great rate, exponentially, and eventually, attempt to take over the world. But then, of course, I’ll build a bigger robot.”  

After proposing Stark’s hilarious robotic solution, Colbert asks about a half-eaten sandwich and goes off looking for Jarvis.  

Robert Downey Jr. retweeted Stephen Colbert’s video and embraced his version of Tony Stark

For over a decade, actor Robert Downey Jr. personified the image of Marvel superhero, Tony Stark. He first took on the role in the 2008 film, Iron Man, and since then, he’s portrayed the character in nine other Marvel films, including the Avengers movies.  

Just two days after Colbert posted his Tony Stark video, Downey Jr. retweeted it and responded with a welcome message. “We welcome our newest Avenger with open arms,” the actor wrote. “Well, open arms but 6 feet away.”

Colbert will probably never take up the mantle of Tony Stark in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. But if Marvel Studios allows it, and Downey Jr. throws his support behind him, Colbert may just be able to continue using the character to promote the importance of social distancing.