‘A Quiet Place’ Actor Emily Blunt Reveals What Frightens Her the Most

As A Quiet Place II soars as the box office, Emily Blunt and John Krasinski are enchanting fans during interviews.

The husband and wife re-teamed for a new chapter in the noise-hating alien story, carrying viewers on a terrifying film adventure. Rather than things going bump in the night, the Abbotts and their allies worry about all things bumping audibly, at all times. While this scenario induces fright, there’s at least one thing that creeps Blunt out on sight.

Emily Blunt and John Krasinski say ‘A Quiet Place’ is about family and fear

Since 2018, A Quiet Place creator John Krasinski has insisted that the film is a “love letter” to his children. Steeped in themes about protecting one’s family and having to grow up, it taps into things that scare parents and kids alike .

In an interview with Black Girl Nerds, Krasinski said part 1 was very personal to him and though he didn’t want to do a sequel, he discovered putting Millicent Simmonds’ character at the center would move the story.

“I had this idea to make Millie the lead of the movie,” he said. “And in doing that I realized, ‘Oh my God, it’s not actually going to be a sequel.’ I can actually continue the story from the first one and get to explore all the things that were personal to me like parenthood.”

Krasinski added that in the first movie, parents tell the kids to stick with them and they’ll always be safe, but that’s not a reality. For him, the second film is about having to grow up and learn the world, and “hope and love and protection as the [first] movie but through a different lens.”

In A Quiet Place, aliens happen to be a representation of one’s fears. For Emily Blunt, there are one or two other things that creep her out.

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Cockroaches frighten Emily Blunt

Blunt, Simmonds, Cillian Murphy, and Djimon Hounsou all sat down for a chat with Bustle and discussed some of their deepest fears. Simmonds named monsters and spiders, while Hounsou shared that the silence in the Sahara Desert is chilling. For Blunt, it’s an insect that’s been around for more than 200 million years: the cockroach.

“I have a hideous aversion to cockroaches,” she said. “I am so frightened of them. I hate how they scuttle around. I don’t like what they sound like when you kill them. I hate them.” Blunt then shared a traumatic cockroach experience.

“There was one that crawled across my daughter’s chest that I cannot get over. I can’t, and she’s never recovered. Traumatizing,” said Blunt.

Krasinki scares easily over 1 thing

Though he didn’t participate in the Bustle junket, Krasinski once answered his wife’s interview question via Off Set in 2018. Blunt wanted to know why he scares so easily when she enters the bathroom while he’s showering. Not even Krasinski is sure.

“I have no idea why I’ve always been such a scaredy cat. But yes, every time she comes into the bathroom when I’m showering, it is like the world is ending,” he said. “I don’t know what I think, I just know it’s the worst thing ever.”

Krasinski said his irrational fear may come from Blunt’s elevated voice so he can hear above the water’s sound, but admitted he’s hit the floor at times. “It’s a dangerous thing — showering with my wife around.” Perhaps this helped inspired the sneaky alien monsters in his movies.

A Quiet Place II is currently playing in theaters.