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After releasing the horror/sci-fi/action movie A Quiet Place and its significant success that followed, it doesn’t come as a surprise to fans that a sequel premiered just three years later. However, according to leading stars Emily Blunt and John Krasinski, a sequel was never intended to happen.

Emily Blunt smiling in front of a black background
Emily Blunt | Matt Winkelmeyer/Getty Images

Fortunately for us, the studio insisted, and the couple eventually agreed to sign on. Otherwise, we would not have gotten that terrifying bus scene Krasinski made Blunt do! Although, this car scene wasn’t the only movie stunt in Blunt’s career that had her heart racing by the end of it.

Blunt was afraid ‘A Quiet Place Part II’ wouldn’t be able to top the first film

Both of our leading stars on A Quiet Place never expected to make a sequel to the film. In fact, they never thought it possible that they could top the first film, which is understandable since most sequels flop

According to News Chant, Blunt admitted, “I don’t believe that everything should be sequel-sized,” and Krasinski agreed, “I didn’t want to do a second one. I didn’t want it to be some big regurgitated thing.”

Blunt explained the problem was the studio did, so they looked to nearly 20 other writers to get another one started — but it didn’t work;

“And then John just went, ‘I mean, if I was going to do another one, you know, this is sort of what I would do….’ And he just started to pitch an idea. And I just remember being gripped by it and thinking: ‘Oh, s***, we’re gonna have to do it.’ The idea he came up with was too good.”

Although the bus scene brought her onboard — it also terrified her

It’s true, Blunt was intrigued by the bus scene, and it was ultimately one of the big reasons she decided to come back for filming a sequela to A Quiet Place — but that doesn’t mean it wasn’t one of the most terrifying.

In fact, News Chant also reported that she told the stuntman:

“‘My life is in your hands. I hope you’re really good’ … I’ve never been so filled with adrenaline in my life … It’s the most real stunt I’ve ever done in my life. I was shaking after it.”

Krasinski’s response to his wife’s terrifying scene?

“I wanted to put your leading actress in a car and drive with her and never cut. She said it’s the easiest acting gig she’s ever had is having cars drive at her at top speed,” the writer, producer, and director revealed on A Quiet Place Part II’s Twitter. “She was genuinely fearing for her life — so, that’s what I offer for her as a husband!”

This wasn’t Blunt’s first go-around with a risky movie stunt

Back in 2014, when Edge Of Tomorrow came out, starring Blunt and Tom Cruise as the lead, there was a lot of action and stunts in the film — of course, this is Cruise we’re talking about, and we all know he does a lot of crazy stunts on his own.

However, by the sounds of her behind-the-scenes story, even Cruise was afraid for his life as he sat passenger to Blunt’s terrifying driving scene. In fact, you may even say this stunt was riskier than the one in her husband’s film sequel because she admits she “almost killed Tom Cruise.” In the scene, the leading lady is told by a stuntman to drive ‘faster’ than the first try around an alleyway corner.

“I tear down this path, and Tom’s being very quiet behind me,” Team CoCo reports Blunt telling Conan. “And suddenly I just hear him — under his breath as I approach the right-hand turn — I hear him going: break, break, break. Break. Br-Br-Br-Break! Oh, God! Break the car! Break the car! And I left it too late. And so [I] drove up into a tree.”

Through laughter, she added, “And I almost killed Tom Cruise!”

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