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Sarah Ferguson, Duchess Of York has always stood out in the royal family. A fiery redhead determined to walk to the beat of her own drum, Ferguson has never crumbled under the glare of the public spotlight. Though she grew up in a very privileged household, Ferguson has always had an adventurous spirit which is why she captured the heart of Queen Elizabeth II’s third child, Prince Andrew.

Though they had a falling out before Princess’ Diana’s death, the Duchess of York and the People’s Princess were often thick as thieves, and they made it their mission to rebel against the strict orders of the crown. Even though she and Prince Andrew divorced in 1996 amidst some scandals photos and infidelities, the duchess has remained extremely close to her ex-husband, and the pair has raised their two daughters, Princess Beatrice, and Princess Eugenie together. Despite the numerous scandals, including a more recent one involving a journalist trying to pay her for access to the royal family, Duchess Sarah Ferguson has kept her head held high. Take a look at this audacious rebel’s very colorful life.

1. Privileged beginnings

Sarah Ferguson as a child
Sarah Ferguson as a child | Instagram via royallyfergie

Sarah Margaret Ferguson was born on Oct 15, 1959, in London England. She was the second daughter born to Major Ronald Ferguson and Susan Mary Wright. Her parents were quite well off, so she enjoyed a very plush upbringing including a private school education, extensive horseback riding lessons, and even a friend group that included members of the royal family.

One of Ferguson’s childhood friends was Lady Diana Spencer. Their mothers went to school together, and the women often played together as kids.

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