A Top Judge On ‘The Voice:’ What Is Gwen Stefani’s Net Worth?

Gwen Stefani is a pop star icon that has been shaking up the music industry for decades. The blond bombshell’s co-founded group, No Doubt, started putting music together in the mid-1980s. However, it was the now diamond-certified album, Tragic Kingdom, that brought the band critical appraise and commercial success. Being released during the resurgence of ska boosted the album’s popularity and the single Don’t Speak broke records, staying in the number one slot on the Billboard Hot 100 Airplay Chart for an impressive four months.

For Stefani, this was just the tip of the iceberg. She began her solo career in 2004 during No Doubt’s hiatus and hasn’t looked back (except for when she rekindled the relationship with No Doubt from 2009-2013). Now Stefani is an accomplished singer, songwriter, actress, and fashionista with three Grammy Awards and numerous accolades celebrating her success. To date she’s sold over 30 million albums worldwide has been labeled one of the 100 Greatest Women in Music.

Gwen Stefani joins ‘The Voice’

How did fan favorite Stefani get her chair on The Voice? The show already had six seasons behind it before Stefani took the stage as a mentor, replacing Christina Aguilera. As Aguilera was expecting a second child she decided to take a hiatus and Stefani was called on by friend and managing partner of L.A. Forum, Shelli Azoff, to take her place. The sought-after singer also had an offer to work on ABC’s Rising Star, but news of Pharrell joining the ranks over at The Voice helped sway her decision.

Although Aguilera was supposed to make a return, she announced she was officially quitting this year. Rumors of Aguilera resigning because of Stefani and Blake Shelton’s relationship began to spread like wildfire. Thankfully, Aguilera squashed the “beef” by shedding light on the real reason she decided to leave The Voice behind her.

How much does ‘The Voice’ pay Stefani?

All of the coaches are paid a pretty penny for mentoring the contestants to stardom, although not all winners make it. After all, without them, there would be no show and lending their expertise to train promising new talent comes with a price tag. How does Stefani’s check rank up against some of the other coaches? Stefani was paid a whopping $10 million for her first season, already putting her ahead of CeeLo Green ($2 million), Usher ($7 million), Pharrell and Alicia Keys ($8 million each).

Now she is bringing in more than $13 million for appearing on the show. Despite the pay raise, she’s still not the highest paid coach. That title goes to her predecessor Aguilera who was making $17 million a season before bidding the show adieu.

Will Stefani be back for future seasons?

The original plan was to have Stefani join her beau Blake Shelton for the upcoming season, but a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity is pulling her away from The Voice, at least for now. While you won’t be able to catch the stunning mother of three on NBC, you will be able to see her starring in a Las Vegas production titled Just A Girl:Las Vegas, after her hit song!

Stefani was invited to begin a residency at the Planet Hollywood Resort & Casino this past summer, and there was no way she could turn it down. The initial deal was 25 shows beginning on June 21st. According to the Las Vegas Review-Journal, Stefani has already surpassed this number clocking in at 34 show dates between now and next November.

What is Gwen Stefani’s net worth?

With her record sales, a successful clothing line (L.A.M.B) dating back to 2004, her spokeswoman position with L’Oreal, the new residency in Las Vegas, and lesser known ventures such as her fragrance releases, animated series, and doll collection, Stefani is a Hollywood Jane-of-all-trades. Working with The Voice over the past few seasons has only added to her wealth and now she ranks number seven amongst her “co-hosts” with an impressive $100 million net worth.