Aaron Carter Is Trying to Start Drama With Jeffree Star and Fans Are Not Having It

We thought Aaron Carter only drama with his family members but it turns out he now has an issue with Jeffree Star.

The singer recently took to Instagram to put Star on blast for allegedly stealing his tie die merch idea and it seems like he’s really trying to stir the pot.

Aaron Carter and Jeffree Star
Aaron Carter and Jeffree Star | JC Olivera/Getty Images; Rosdiana Ciaravolo/Getty Images

While Carter doesn’t see a problem with him calling out Star, fans are heated that the singer just tried to start drama and have been dragging him on social media for putting his claim on a universal design.

Carter was quick to confront Star his tie-dye hoodies

Jeffree Star is known for not only selling makeup, but also cool merchandise that fans would go to the ends of the earth to get their hands on.

Every couple of months, the makeup mogul releases new merch that sells out within minutes and his latest reveal just caused a complete frenzy online.

A few days ago, Star took to his Snapchat to show off his brand new mauve, orange, and nude tie-dye hoodies that would be part of his website’s Black Friday sale.

While many people were counting down the minutes for these hoodies to drop, not everyone thought this merch was all that.

Shortly after Star posted a photo of the hoodies, Aaron Carter took to Twitter to express his issues with sweatshirts.

“Hey [Jeffree Star] your merch looks a lot like my custom pieces I do by hand?” the “I Want Candy” singer wrote in on Twitter post along with a picture of Star’s new merchandise.

Carter continued his post by writing “tsk tsk,” which came across to fans as another way of saying “bring it on.”

It turns out that Carter makes and sells his own tie dye sweatshirts on his website and had a major problem with Star using the same designs for his merchandise.

After doing a little research, we found that Carter and Star’s tie-dye merchandise definitely has a similar design but then again, all tie-dye pretty much looks the same.

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There is no unique concept when tie-dye is involved and while we can guess that Carter wanted to be the only celebrity with this hoodie design, calling out Star for “stealing” this idea was taking it a little too far.

Fans didn’t not come to play Carter’s games

Following his tweet, fans quickly came to Star’s defense and full-out bashed Carter for trying to start drama.

Despite their designs looking similar, fans didn’t have a problem calling out Carter on Twitter for trying to take ownership of a frequently used design.

“I hate to break it to you but you didn’t invent tie dye, splatter or splash ink or bleach art clothing,” one user tweeted. “Its been making a comeback for a few years now and almost everyone is selling dyed merch. The only big diff is youre making yours with your own hands vs finding suppliers.”

“It’s tie dye.. you didn’t design tie dye boo,” another fan pointed out.

While Star has yet to respond to Carter’s claims, fans already know that he is not one to be messed with and will put anyone who tries to come for him in their place.

“Oh @JeffreeStar isnt gonna play Aaron’s game…Jeffree will squash this bug,” a fan wrote.

“Overall testing Jeffree is not a good idea. I will warn you in advance,” someone else advised.

While we thought Carter would have left this all alone after going up against Star’s fandom, he didn’t.

Shortly after receiving a ton of backlash from fans, the singer took to Twitter again to go back on his allegations and revealed all while revealing that there’s no ill feelings between the celebs.

“I’m sorry but @JeffreeStar everyone has seen me make this stuf you have two of my colors,” he wrote. “Not sure who on your team did that but I’m honered. Love you still.”

While Carter might think this is the end of his drama with Star, he’s in for a rude awakening if the makeup mogul responds to his claims.