Aaron Carter Just Live Streamed With Melanie Martin — Are They Back Together, Again?

Aaron Carter has been on a roller coaster ride with Melanie Martin, that’s for sure. They’ve broken up and gotten back together, and they may be on again. A few hours ago, Carter posted a YouTube video on Twitter sitting side by side with his ex, Melanie Martin. He says they are back together. Read on for the latest details.

Aaron Carter
Aaron Carter | Gabe Ginsberg/Getty Images

Carter and Martin have had a rocky relationship and have broken up more than once. On March 29, Martin was arrested at Carter’s Los Angeles home on a felony domestic violence charge. TMZ reports that the L.A. County Sheriff’s Department was called out when things allegedly became physical. Martin was being held on a $50,000 bond before posting bail. They broke up after that, but managed to get back together eventually.

Carter announced they are expecting a child together

They managed to repair things, at least for a time. Carter announced on Instagram Live in April that they are expecting a child together. E! News reports that Carter showed off a positive pregnancy test.

“Obviously I have a baby on the way,” Aaron said. “I’m going to be a busy father for sure.”

They broke up again and Carter found a new girlfriend

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By mid-May, things had fizzled out again between Carter and Martin. Carter started appearing on his Instagram with another woman. He was dating Viktoria Alexeeva, and they each appeared on the other’s social media. It seemed like Carter was really moving on, but apparently that didn’t seem to last either.

Aaron Carter announces that he’s back with Melanie Martin

A few hours ago, Carter announced to everyone that he’s back with Melanie Martin. They sat side by side kissing and acting pretty happy together. “We are back together,” Carter tells everyone watching as the two share a few kisses.

“Thank you to all the fans being understanding. And really just kind of not really judging too much,” Carter said.

Melanie Martin speaks out about their problems

“I do think you did go a little overboard saying a couple things, but there was definitely some problems we had and it kept on happening over and over again and I wasn’t fixing it,” Martin said. She also says she hasn’t hooked up with anyone while they were together.

She said she was “communicating” with people that she says she should have just removed from her life. “I feel like everyone has problems in a relationship,” Martin also said. Martin says in the beginning, she worked at a bar and she says she spoke to people “behind Aaron’s back.”

‘My heart never let go of her’

Carter then goes on to say some really sweet stuff. “My heart never let go of her,” Carter tells the camera. “There was nothing I could do about it and I became so miserable and just lonely, couldn’t sleep I haven’t been able to eat,” Carter said. He also goes on to say he forgives Martin.

It looks like Aaron Carter and Melanie Martin are officially back together. We’ll keep you updated on all the latest information as it comes out.