Aaron Paul Is Surprised by How Fans Connected His ‘Westworld’ Character to Jesse Pinkman

We’re learning more about Aaron Paul’s character, Caleb in Westworld. He is struggling and Dolores (Evan Rachel Wood) decides that she wants to help him. There is also a line that gives Caleb a surprising connection to Jesse Pinkman. Find out what Paul has to say about it and more. [Spoiler alert: Spoilers for the episode “The Absence of Field.”

Aaron Paul previously teased human are also stuck in loops

Aaron Paul
Aaron Paul Jeff Kravitz/FilmMagic for HBO

Paul teased a little bit of his character’s story in an interview with TV Insider. He said humans are also having a hard time in this world.

“It’s how a lot of people live their lives,” Paul said. “They wake up, go to work and do their job in order to survive. Caleb is always trying to break out of this routine. But he just can’t — and there may be a very specific reason for that. The hosts will slowly realize how humans are also stuck in these endless loops.”

Caleb is going to spend a lot of time with Dolores and she will realize this. “She sees that outside of the walls of Westworld, it’s not too different from inside,” said Paul.

Dolores tells Caleb his fate on ‘Westworld’

The episode, “The Absence of Field” showed Dolores talking to Caleb about his fate. She takes him to a pier and says he will kill himself in 10 to 12 years according to a predictive algorithm.

“Before the system, men like you might’ve had a chance work hard, keep striving,” she told him. “You’ll never be more than a construction worker or a petty criminal because that’s all they’ll let you be. They won’t invest in someone who’s gonna kill himself. But by not investing, they ensure the outcome.”

Dolores then told him, “They put you in a cage, Caleb. Decided what your life would be. They did the same thing to me.” She then gives him the options of her giving him money to run or start a revolution with her by cutting the cord to the system.

He reacted to his new character’s connection to Jesse Pinkman

There are already a few similarities between Caleb and Jesse Pinkman of Breaking Bad. Both characters eventually are on the run from authorities. But also the line Dolores says about Caleb being kept in a cage literally happened to Jesse.

Fans pointed out this connection and Leanne Aguilera of Entertainment Tonight talked to the actor about it. “You know, I never really ever thought about that, but yeah,” he said. “It’s just so crazy what a science fiction show Westworld is, but it feels like it’s really based on sort of a distant reality — which is terrifying.”

Paul talked about making the move from revisiting Breaking Bad to the HBO show. “I was so blessed with Breaking Bad. I thought that was really capturing lightning in a bottle,” he said. “And I really feel like I am jumping into yet another magical show such as [Westworld], and it’s really such a blessing.”

Fans will have to keep watching to see if there will be any more similarities. For now, it looks like Dolores is taking him under her wing.