Aaron Rodgers Recommends ‘The Daily Stoic’ and Author Ryan Holiday Reacts by Urging Others to Get COVID-19 Vaccine

Aaron Rodgers has been in the eye of the storm after it was revealed he misled people about his vaccination status. The National Football League (NFL) star recently tested positive for the coronavirus (COVID-19) and had to sit out of playing for 10 days, per organization protocols. Rodgers then blasted the “woke mob” for trying to cancel him and only created further discourse in media. After the controversial interview on The Pat McAfee Show, the Green Bay Packers player returned and made a book recommendation. Now the book author is reacting and urging fans to get the vaccine.

Ryan Holiday and Aaron Rodgers
Ryan Holiday and Aaron Rodgers | Jim Bennett/WireImage / Patrick McDermott/Getty Images

Aaron Rodgers recommends ‘The Daily Stoic’ for his book club

Rodgers returned to The Pat McAfee Show on Nov. 9 after the messy interview he gave the week before making unscientific claims about COVID-19. The quarterback made an appearance to talk about the media frenzy regarding his controversial statements. However, he also appeared to suggest a new title for the Aaron Rodgers Book Club. For this week, Rodgers suggested reading “The Daily Stoic” by Ryan Holiday.

“I thought it was perfect this week to put this book up. It’s one that I look at every single day, it’s called ‘The Daily Stoic,'” Rodgers revealed. “And it’s meditations on wisdom, perseverance, and the art of living. It’s short little passages associated with each day of the year. And it’s just things to think about that can elicit some fodder and meditation.”

Rodgers said that the book was recommended by a friend of his and he likes it because “it’s fun to look at each day for a little bit of wisdom.”

McAfee hinted at the controversy adding, “Yeah, it also helps potentially if the whole world is attacking you.”

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What does ‘The Daily Stoic’ author Ryan Holiday say about vaccines?

After Rodgers recommended Holiday’s book, many fans looked into his social media to get a reaction about the endorsement. Holiday made a post on Instagram addressing Rodgers saying that he was a huge fan and hoped he moved to the Saints the following season.

“Love that he’s reading Stoicism and making time for philosophy in what must be a very busy life, and what is certainly a very difficult moment for him personally,” Holiday posted.

Holiday added that the “Stoic teachings on something like vaccines is pretty straightforward.”

“You do it not only because the overwhelming evidence says that it protects you (stat from yesterday: 92% of the COVID deaths in Texas since Jan were not fully vaccinated) but because we have an obligation TO EACH OTHER,” he continued. “It’d be wonderful if it were otherwise, but not everyone we come in contact with is as healthy or as young as us, and that includes vaccinated people with various conditions (it also includes my kids and millions of other people’s kids, who are not eligible yet.)”

Holiday continued, “Life, like football, is a team sport…which is why Marcus Aurelius speaks about acts for the “common good” more than 80 times in his Meditations (also as a guy who died in a pandemic, I’m pretty sure he’d consider the COVID-19 vaccines a modern miracle. That’s why I got mine and try to use my platform to urge others to do the same. Be well, take care of each other, and keep reading!”

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Fans show support for Ryan Holiday

Following Holiday’s post, his fans rushed in the comments section to show their support for what he said about vaccines.

“The biggest issue I had was not that he chose not to be vaccinated (still an issue), but that he chose to mislead people about his status and not following the rules concerning unvaccinated players,” a fan replied.

“The biggest issue I had was not that he chose not to be vaccinated (still an issue), but that he chose to mislead people about his status and not following the rules concerning unvaccinated players,” a follower added.

“Great commentary! I was about to be disappointed, then I read your caption. A reminder to not be impulsive in my opinions!” an Instagram user mentioned.

As of this writing, Rodgers was confirmed to be off the COVID-19 list and would return to the field on Sunday, Nov. 14.