Actor LisaRaye McCoy Says She Can Relate to Meghan Markle Because of Her Time as First Lady of Turks and Caicos

Meghan Markle revealing her emotionally taxing experience living out her duties as a member of the royal family remains a hot topic. Actor LisaRaye McCoy says she relates to Meghan, sharing similarities that she experienced while she was married to the prime minister of Turks and Caicos. Like Meghan, McCoy says she gave up a huge part of her life to acclimate herself into her husband’s world.

LisaRaye McCoy and Meghan Markle
(L to R) LisaRaye McCoy and Meghan Markle | Jemal Countess/FilmMagic – Max Mumby/Indigo/Getty Images

LisaRaye McCoy quit acting while she was married

At the height of her acting career, McCoy married Misick. The ceremony was lavish, with the two exchanging vows in front of 300 guests.

As the First Lady of the Turks & Caicos Island, McCoy focused on attracting more tourism to the island. She also infused more American culture on the island by creating music festivals and hosting her Hollywood friends on the island often.

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McCoy was the star of the hit UPN sitcom All of Us at the time. However, she left her life and career in LA and moved full-time to the island to support Misick.

The two split amid rumors of Misick misappropriating government funds and infidelity. For several years, McCoy fought for a divorce settlement but was unsuccesful. She once alleged she left the marriage penniless, having to return to LA to rebuild her acting career.

McCoy later admitted that at the time of their wedding, she was not in love with Misick. Instead, she said she felt they could “grow in love” and that she was attracted to Misick because of his power.

The actor says she empathizes with Meghan Markle

While holding back tears, McCoy compared the experiences of her and Meghan during the Cocktails and Queens segment of Out Loud with Claudia Jordan.

“I get it. I understand,” she began. “I absolutely understand when she [Meghan] said that she had to turn over her passport, and her keys, she stopped driving, she had to have security, and part of your life becomes tunnel vision.”

McCoy continued, saying, “You leave all that you know. You leave all your friends, you leave all your family behind for this whole new world that you want to be accepted in and that you have turned your back on all that you know to become this and when you’re not accepted, that’s a big ass blow. Not only to your ego, to your self-esteem, but to your life and what your commitment was to your husband to start this brand new life in his place.”

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McCoy has spoken out in the past of her belief that Misick did not protect her when things became tough. She praises Prince Harry for stepping in and intervening before things became worse for his family. Of Harry, McCoy said:

What I love is that [Harry] love her enough to say ‘Let’s go.’…But to be someplace where you feel you’re not supported, you’re not accepted, you’re not fulfilled, you feel no love, and you gotta hide it, and you gotta be ‘on,’ come on, you didn’t sign up for that… I’m glad that they got out…I’m so glad that she has the courage and her husband to be able to stand in their truth and to be able to say it because this is 2021. We’re not back in the 1800s anymore. You cannot rule the same way.

LisaRaye McCoy on Meghan Markle on Out Loud with Claudia Jordan

McCoy insists Meghan and Harry’s life will only get better now that they are rebuilding in America and sharing their truth.