Actor Tom Green Talks Aliens and Internet Trolls

Actor Tom Green recently shared that aliens may be visiting right now. He discussed his interview with an alien expert who made him a believer.

“I believe in a lot of that stuff,” Green shared on the Life is Short with Justin Long podcast.

Tom Green
Tom Green | Gary Miller/Getty Images

“I mean I definitely believe in the possibility that there is intelligent life in the universe, other than ours, or maybe even the only intelligent life in the universe might be on another planet. Who knows? I definitely do believe in that. I do,” Green insisted. Adding, “I believe they’re visiting. I’m not sure. I’ve seen no evidence of that, but I also believe,” he continued.

Green said he’s explored some pretty wild territory

Green said the expert he connected with had been abducted by aliens as a child. “He was abducted as a child,” Green said about alien expert Derrel Sims.”He told me about that. Then his son was also abducted. He was an ex-CIA agent. He told me he was.”

Long asked if Green did any additional research to determine if Sims’ assertions were accurate. “Well, I don’t really do a lot of research on my show,” Green said. “I just took his word for it.  It’s what he said on his website though, but I mean I believe him.”

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Green also explored Bigfoot on his podcast too. “Actually, I also just interviewed Russell Acord, one of the world’s most predominant Bigfoot, Sasquatch researchers as well,” he said.

Online territory is pretty wild too

Green also discussed dealing with online trolls and how trolling should not just be part of fame. “Some people say, ‘This is a democratic thing. You should be able to let people say whatever they want.’ People should be able to go on your feet and call you an a**hole or say mean things or be haters or trolls or whatever you want to call it, but I’ve always found, and I’ve figured this out more and more, over the years, that if you allow that to fester on there,” he said.

“First of all, I never respond to negative people. I never respond,” Green continued. “That was my initial thing. I started doing that a few years ago.” He added, “I just wouldn’t respond to the negative people, but now what I do is I just immediately block them. I immediately just block and the blocking functions are new. They’ve become much better than they were 10 years ago.”

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He added that the block button does wonders for online hate. “It’s really changed things for the better. I just block them immediately and I will block people for … Sometimes it’s right on the line. I’m not even sure if it’s a negative comment, but it just made me feel a little strange, so I’ll just block that. I don’t need to feel like that.”