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Daniel Craig’s reign as James Bond may be coming to an end soon. The actor has headlined the franchise for four films, with the fourth, Spectre, hitting theaters in 2015. Though the star hasn’t officially confirmed whether the movie was his last as the iconic character, he has strongly hinted that he’s ready to move on sooner rather than later.

With his departure seemingly imminent, fans have been eagerly speculating over which actor will take his place and become the next James Bond. So who’s in the running to take over the role of the famous spy? Here’s a look at 10 actors who are rumored to be in line for the part.

1. Tom Hardy

Tom Hardy at Sunshine Cinema on September 8, 2014 in New York City
Tom Hardy | Theo Wargo/Getty Images

U.K. bookmakers have long claimed that Hardy is one of the current favorites to take over the James Bond franchise. His odds only improved after the success of 2015′ s Mad Max: Fury Road, which the actor starred in.

While going from post-apocalyptic road warrior to the sleekly dressed 007 might seem like quite the leap, Hardy would likely be up for the challenge, having proven himself to be a chameleon time and time again in his career. Plus, as evidenced from Inception and 2015’s Legend, he knows how to suit up.