Actress Meagan Good Gets Candid About Her Lighter Skin

Meagan Good has been an iconic sex symbol and figure of beauty for black women since she transitioned from child star to a young adult. She’s starred as the leading lady in films alongside some of Hollywood’s bachelors, including Tyrese, Larenz Tate, and Omari Harwick. But her idyllic beauty was called into question bu fans last year when pictures emerged of a noticeably lighter Good. 

Meagan Good
Meagan Good 2019 | Paul Bruinooge/Patrick McMullan via Getty Images

She was accused of skin bleaching and trying to conform to societal standards of beauty by lightening her beautiful brown skin. Good has come forward to clarify the change in appearance, explaining that the change in her skin is a result of a bad esthetician. 

Meagan Good responds to fan who questions lighter skin tone

Good posted a side by side video to her Instagram account of herself and a curated animated avatar. While she’s been praised for her beautifully clear skin, which she attributes to genetics, some have been critical. One fan commented under the post and accused the actress of skin bleaching, noting that her skin tone was darker in the past and that she “looked better [with] darker skin.”

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Good took a moment to respond to the fan and clarified that she did not undergo any skin bleaching procedures. Instead, she explained that her lighter skin was a result of bad products from an unlicensed esthetician.

“A (unbeknownst to me) unlicensed esthetician gave me a product to correct a sun damage mark on my forehead that messed up my skin,” she told the fan. “I’m about 80% through recovery and gaining my color daily.” 

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Good also noted that the experience was traumatic for her and hoped to help others who may have experienced the same. 

Meagan Good opens about her bad experience with an unlicensed esthetician and affects the on her self-esteem

Good took things a step further to give fans insight on her botched sun damage correction during an Instagram live shat with Where Is The Buzz TV. She explained that she’d previously had success with the esthetician she used and felt she was credible. She was both shocked and heartbroken at the results from the products she was provided.

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“When she said let me fix the sun damage. I was like, ‘Well, now I trust her. It’s fine.’ And I start using it,” Good said.

A fan later asked Good why she opted to apply the products on her entire face versus just the spot where she’d had extreme sun damage. “She [the esthetician] said it everything needed to be even so just use it, wash with it. Your whole face.” 

Good said when she noticed the change in her skin after using the products for a number of weeks, she was mortified.

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“I started freaking out and I said, ‘What’s going on?’ And she said, ‘Oh no, no. It’s just going to lift the damage first and then everything will come back.’ And I said, ‘Oh ok, cool,” Good explained. “And I saw myself getting lighter. And I was like, ‘What is happening?!’ And she was like, ‘Oh, don’t worry your color will come back.’ And I said, ‘But when is it going to come back?’ She said, ‘It’ll come back soon I promise.’

After two months, Good said her original skin color had yet to return. She immediately became self-conscious as she was preparing to film a television. Knowing the camera would be on her, only made her feel more nervous. 

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She went back to the unlicensed esthetician who prescribed her a serum, but that only made the damage worse – so much so that the serum stuck to her face and she had to scrub it off. She noticed her skin peel as she scrubbed her face and resorted to using makeup to cover up the scarring.

Good eventually went to a dermatologist to correct the damage. It was important for her to address the speculation to show that she always loved her brown skin and wanted to push the message to others. Thankfully, with the help of the dermatologist, her skin is on the mend.