Adam Devine Returns To Shark Week to Explore His ‘Secret Shark Lair’

Adam Devine is heading back into shark-infested waters for Shark Week. In 2019, he helped a team of marine experts discover a massive congregation of tiger sharks. For his 2020 Shark Week special, Adam Devine’s Secret Shark Lair, the actor/comedian is revisiting the shark party to see what it’s all about.

Adam Devine
Adam Devine | Hobson/Getty Images

Adam Devine tagged a tiger shark in his 2019 Shark Week special

For the 2019 Shark Week special, Shark Trip: Eat. Pray. Chum, Devine joined comedians Rob Riggle, Anthony Anderson, and Joel McHale on a shark finding adventure in the Bahamas. During one of his dives, Devine bravely tagged a daunting tiger shark. 

“She’s gorgeous, look at her go, all wiggling away,” Devine says after mounting the tag on the shark. “That’s one small step for man, one giant leap for shark-kind.”

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He didn’t get much time to train

Before his 2019 shark-tagging dive, Devine didn’t get the same level of preparation as his co-stars. When talking to Rob Riggle and Joel McHale on Shark After Dark, the actor revealed that he had very little training before making his big shark dive. 

“I was shooting a show, and I had to fly to the Bahamas,” said Devine. “And then they took me from the airport — and I took like a half hour class and then immediately in the ocean with sharks.”

But this wasn’t the first time Devine swam with sharks. While filming his 2015 movie, Mike and Dave Need Wedding Dates, he joined co-star Zac Efron on a shark dive in Hawaii. 

In an appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live, Devine revealed that just hours after Efron suggested the two go for a shark dive, they were out on a boat surrounded by Galapagos sharks and tiger sharks. During their excursion, while Devine was on the boat dealing with seasickness, Efron encountered a massive tiger shark. Rather than swim away, Devine said that like “Aquaman,” Efron grabbed the shark by the fin and rode it for a short distance through the ocean. 

‘Adam Devine’s Secret Shark Lair’ examines the data from his shark tag

According to the Discovery Channel’s synopsis for his new special, Adam Devine’s Secret Shark Lair, Devine’s shark tag led to a major shark discovery.

“Last year, Adam Devine and a team of marine biologists deployed a CATS camera tag on a massive tiger shark that yielded a surprising scientific discovery; a secret tiger shark lair,” the network description teases. “Scientists believe this may be the largest congregation of tiger sharks on the planet or in Adam’s mind, the ultimate shark party.”

But Devine isn’t the only celebrity going on this shark lair adventure. His Workaholics co-stars Anders Holm and Blake Anderson will also join the researchers, as they try to explore this epic tiger shark congregation. The team will examine the tag footage and data to discover whether or not the sharks use this lair for mating, pupping, or feeding.   

Adam Devine’s Secret Shark Lair premieres Wednesday, Aug.12, at 9 p.m. ET on the Discovery Channel.