Adam Levine and Leonardo DiCaprio Both Wisely Invested in This Startup

While celebrities are the last people you’d expect to need a side hustle, a surprisingly large amount of them do, in fact, earn extra cash from side gigs.

This can be anything from creating goods to sell, purchasing a restaurant or night club, or investing in an established business. For two of Hollywood’s best-known celebrities, it’s the latter.

Both musician Adam Levine and actor Leonardo DiCaprio have both invested in Casper Sleep, a company that has revolutionized the mattress industry. Never heard of it? Let’s change that.

What is Casper Sleep?

Leonardo DiCaprio speaks onstage
Leonardo DiCaprio | Kevork Djansezian/Getty Images for Turner

Casper Sleep, also known simply as Casper, is an online mattress retailer that delivers consumers a “bed in a box.”

They specialize in comfort and creating the perfect mattress that will last you years to come. Their most popular mattress has four layers of foam inside, more support where your hips and shoulders lie, and a breathable top layer so you don’t get too hot. They definitely take the mattress life seriously, so customers know they’re going to get the best sleep possible.

Since they were founded in 2014, Casper has gone on to create a whole line of products in addition to their original mattress in a box.

Now, they offer three different types of mattresses, dog beds that are made of the same comfortable foam, pillows in many different sizes, bed frames, bedding, glow lights that offer a comforting glow while you’re sleeping, and even pajamas. They’ve turned into a one-stop-shop for all your nighttime needs.

Adam Levine and Leonardo DiCaprio have both invested in Casper

Stars: they’re just like us. And we all invest in startup companies, don’t we? Well, we would if we could! Casper started out not being able to attract any investors.

They were told that nobody would want to buy a mattress online, because it was always an industry that consumers would come to a store to try them out first and pick which one they wanted to buy. How could someone do that online?

Casper’s founders took it upon themselves to handle the majority of their startup costs, wracking up their own credit card debt to do so. But it all paid off. In the first two months, they hit almost $2 million in sales, a number that was projected to take them a year to make.

That early success attracted the attention of celebrities like Adam Levine, Leonardo DiCaprio, Tobey Maguire, and Ashton Kutcher, and they began investing in the company.

With the support of these celebrities, Casper was able to continue to grow through their investments and through the attention they brought from sharing the company with their followers on social media.

Kylie Jenner once posted a picture of a Casper box and shared that she couldn’t wait to open it, and a representative for Casper said their website went down.

Celebrity support can change a company’s course

Thanks to the support of celebs like Levine and DiCaprio, plus the many others, Casper has grown into a billion-dollar company and has revolutionized the way people buy mattresses.

They’re quality products combined with the convenience of ordering online is a formula that can’t be beat. They offer a 100-night risk-free trial period, where if you decide you don’t love your Casper mattress, they’ll pick it up for you and give you your money back.

It seems like celebrities are investing in startups more than ever before, and it’s having a bigger impact on these companies than ever before as well. Combine their money with their social media outreach and a business can reach more people than they ever would have without a celeb endorsement.