Adam Sandler’s Wife Jackie Gave Him Hilarious Advice for Kissing Other Women

It takes a bit of self-confidence to stay married to a famous actor. Not only do they often need to be away filming for months or weeks at a time, but most will wind up kissing their co-stars if the script demands it. Luckily for comedian Adam Sandler, his wife Jackie is totally fine with it.

Jackie even shared some advice for her husband to follow whenever he’s locking lips with a leading lady.

Adam and Jackie Sandler have a rock-solid Hollywood marriage

Adam and Jackie Sandler
Adam and Jackie Sandler | Allen Berezovsky/WireImage

He doesn’t take life too seriously most of the time. However, the Happy Gilmore alum is fiercely devoted to his family, including his wife Jackie. The pair tied the knot in 2003 and share two daughters, Sadie and Sunny. She and the kids often appear in films along with him.

As for marriage advice, Sandler had some very smart and simple tips. “Just getting time together,” he told reporters at the Toronto International Film Festival, according to Closer Weekly. “Making sure that you don’t run off too long and hanging out together and telling the truth and that kind of thing’s good.”

Adam Sandler feels awkward kissing his co-stars

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Instead of getting jealous that her husband has to kiss multiple other women, Jackie decided to help him get better at it.

It all started when Sandler admitted to feeling “awkward” about getting that close with his co-stars. The Billy Madison star said he’s a good kisser but often buckles under pressure. “My wife thinks I’m good. She told me this morning. I gave her a nice kiss [and] she goes, ‘Ew!’ So she gave me an ‘ew’ this morning, so I do well at home,” he joked to ET Online.

“And then when I have to do any romantic scenes in a movie I never get excited for that. I get tense and feel awkward. And then everyone else, I’m sure, is awkward.”

Jackie Sandler gave her husband advice for kissing other women

Adam Sandler and Jennifer Aniston
Jennifer Aniston and Adam Sandler | Kevin Mazur/WireImage

As for how to handle his job, Jackie had some solid and funny tips for her spouse.

“My wife is always saying, ‘Just get in there. Do a good job. Be nice.’ My wife loves the women I work with, so she’s very like, ‘Come on! Make sure you [do] the best you can. Give it up. It looks crazy when you don’t kiss good enough.”

The comedian continued, “I’m very relieved when we do a movie and at the end of the script I go, ‘I don’t have to kiss anyone!’ Anyway, that’s fantastic. But when I do, I get it done. I get it done.”

And it sounds like that advice is paying off. ET reported that Jennifer Aniston, Sandler’s Murder Mystery and Just Go With It co-star, called him a good kisser. But Sandler deflected, saying she was probably just being nice. “Even if I was not great at that, [Aniston] would try to protect me,” he said.

Then again, it could be that taking his wife’s kissing advice came in handy after all.