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No one can take you through a heartbreak like Adele. For years, her music has taken fans on raw and real journeys through love and heartbreak in a deeply personal way. When Adele divorced her husband Simon Konecki in March of this year, fans wanted as many details as possible. Now, that Adele is dating sports agent Rich Paul, she says that he is completely different from other men she has dated.

Why Adele got divorced

Though their divorce was only finalized in March, Adele and Konecki actually separated two years ago.

“The timeline the press have of my relationship, my marriage, is actually completely wrong,” Adele told British Vogue. “We got married when I was 30… and then I left. It just wasn’t… It just wasn’t right for me anymore. I didn’t want to end up like a lot of other people I knew. I wasn’t miserable miserable, but I would have been miserable had I not put myself first. But, yeah, nothing bad happened or anything like that.”

Since the relationship wasn’t awful, her son, Angelo has had a hard time understanding why it had to end.

“Obviously, Simon and I never fought over him or anything like that,” she said. “Angelo’s just like, ‘I don’t get it.’ I don’t really get it either. There are rules that are made up in society of what happens and doesn’t happen in marriage and after marriage, but I’m a very complex person. I’ve always let him know how I’m feeling from a very young age because I felt quite frazzled as an adult.”

Adele’s new relationship is different

Adele had been friends with Paul for a while but nothing got serious until the start of this year.

“He was always there, I just didn’t see him,” the singer told American Vogue. “I was a bit drunk. I said: ‘Do you want to sign me? I’m an athlete now.’ He’s just so f*cking funny. He was dancing. All the other guys were just sitting around. He was just dancing away.”

Before Paul, Adele had a tough time dating.

“It’s been sh*t,” she said of dating. “And 99.9 percent of the stories that have been written about me are absolutely made up.”

Then, just before her father died, “Rich just incredibly arrived.”

“I don’t feel anxious or nervous or frazzled. It’s quite the opposite. It’s wild” she said. “I’m a 33-year-old divorced mother of a son, who’s actually in charge. The last thing I need is someone who doesn’t know where they’re at, or what they want. I know what I want. And I really know what I don’t want.”


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How Rich Paul is different from other men

Adele dated other men before Paul but none of those relationships worked out.

“I think I get scared about it because it’s very emasculating. Really emasculating,” she told British Vogue of how men felt going out in public with her. “I did date before Rich, but they hated it. They’d find it stressful being out or seen with me, which meant that I guarded all of it beyond. It never evolved because we were never experiencing things together. Whereas he’s not frazzled by it at all. It feels like it’s consistent and considerate enough that I don’t care who knows. He’s great. He’s so f**king funny. He’s so smart, you know.”