Adele Shocks Fans with a New Look on Her 32nd Birthday

There’s no doubt that Adele is one of the most lauded recording artists in the music industry, and she’s beloved by millions of fans all over the world. In a recent Instagram post, the singer shared a picture of herself with a brand new look, and fans were shocked to see her stunning transformation. 

Adele at 59th Grammys | Getty Images/Axelle/Bauer-Griffin/FilmMagic

Adele turns 32

With the maturity in her voice and the wisdom of her lyrics, it’s hard to believe that Adele is only 32. The singer celebrated her birthday on May 5 and looking back at her career, it’s fascinating to see how far she’s come at such a young age. 

Adele started singing and songwriting as a teen. And by the time she was 21, she had released her first hit album, 19, and picked up two Grammy Awards. Over the next decade, Adele produced two more chart-topping, record-breaking albums. She earned numerous accolades, including 13 Grammy Awards, 18 Billboard Music Awards, and a Golden Globe for her title song for the 2012 James Bond film, Skyfall

The singer reveals a new look

After her last concert tour ended in 2017, Adele hasn’t really been in the public eye. But on her birthday, the singer shared an appreciation post on Instagram, thanking frontline workers for their dedication and commitment during the COVID-19 pandemic. 

“Thank you for the birthday love,” she wrote in the caption.  “I hope you’re all staying safe and sane during this crazy time. I’d like to thank all of our first responders and essential workers who are keeping us safe while risking their lives! You are truly our angels. 2020 okay bye thanks x.”

In the photo, Adele is wearing a black mini dress, standing in front of a decorative ring of flowers. Looking different than she has in the past, the singer left fans stunned. 

Adele fans react to her transformation

After seeing Adele’s post, fans took to social media to share their love for the singer. But many also addressed her transformation.

“I’m so happy for Adele,” one fan tweeted. “She looks amazing as always her ex has to be crying in a corner he lost someone so precious and gorgeous but ADELE WON.”

“Wow Adele looks absolutely amazing!” another fan wrote on Twitter. “She’s healthy, happy, and you know she’s about to come save us all from the Corona with a BANGIN’ album!! Can’t wait!!”

Some fans couldn’t help but notice that with her new look, Adele looks a lot American Horror Story star, Sarah Paulson. “Wow it took me a minute realizing this was Adele and not Sarah Paulson… anyway both gorgeous women,” one fan tweeted.

“Adele?? ADELE??? I thought this was Sarah Paulson,” another Twitter user expressed. “SHE LOOKS SO GOOD IM HAPPY FOR HER.”

While many gushed over Adele’s photo, others took it as a sign she might release a new album this year. Some noted that if the singer could break the internet with just one photo, the impact of an entire album would be massive. 

“Adele Just Broke The Internet With A Simple Picture, Imagine When She Drops A Album,” one fan tweeted.

“Adele posted a picture and she’s trending already,” another fan wrote on Twitter. “This next album would literally kill us.”

The singer hasn’t released any details about a forthcoming album. But if the reaction to her picture is any indication, there’s no doubt that a new album would be an even bigger, more welcome surprise.