Adele’s Weight Loss and the Obsession Over Her Body Highlights Fatphobia

People who see the latest picture of Adele out of context might not even recognize her. The “Rolling in the Deep” singer is tiny. She revealed her new look in an Instagram post, although fans already had some hints that she was looking slimmer. 

Adele at the 54th annual Grammy Awards.
Adele | Kevork Djansezian/Getty Images

Adele attended Drake’s birthday party in October and was photographed there. The photos definitely showed that she’d lost weight, although it wasn’t clear how much until her new post. She posted the picture to celebrate her birthday, and the internet exploded.

Adele’s celebrity friends congratulated her on social media

Celebrities immediately began commenting on Adele’s new photo. All of Adele’s famous friends were happy for her and congratulated her on her weight loss. Chrissy Teigen, who has famously struggled with weight herself, was shocked. She commented “I mean are you kidding me,” on the birthday post. 

Teigen forgot to add a birthday message to her comment, but other celebs didn’t. Rita Wilson congratulated Adele, calling her gorgeous after wishing her a happy birthday. Jameela Jamil, Lil Nas X, and Questlove also commented on the post and wished Adele well. 

It’s not just Teigen who forgot to add a nice happy birthday to their comment. Other celebrity commenters were too shocked to remember the happy birthday message. The Ellen show’s Kalen Allen just said: “THAT WAIST IS SNATCHEDDDDDD!!!!” 

How did Adele lose the weight?

Adele was never bothered too much by her weight. Sure, she wanted to fit into off the rack clothes. But she didn’t start dieting to get thinner. She was actually worried about damaging her voice with her unhealthy eating habits. She’s had issues with her vocal cords in the past, and the incident scared her. So she got a new personal trainer and started the Sirtfood diet

The diet cuts out processed foods, as do most healthy menus. But this diet goes a few steps further. Sirtuin activators are found in a lot of foods, most of them green, and they’re known to suppress the appetite. The Sirtfood diet focuses on foods with the most sirtuin activators. 

That means a lot of kale, green tea, and buckwheat. Red wine and cheese are also allowed, but not in the beginning. During the first week of the diet, practitioners can only consume 1,000 calories a day. Adele survived on mostly green juice at the beginning of the diet, but it paid off. She feels healthier and has more stamina. 

Fans think reactions to Adele’s weight loss highlights fatphobia

Many of Adele’s celebrity fans might say the diet paid off because Adele is now thinner. But Adele didn’t lose the weight for her looks, she did it for her health. The focus on her new ‘look’ has a lot of fans upset over fatphobia. 

Adele was always gorgeous. She has a singular look that goes with her singular voice. So some fans were upset at what they see as an attempt to change that look, which was always beautiful. They’re also upset at media outlets and commenters calling Adele’s new look gorgeous because it seems like it invalidates how beautiful she was before.

Plus, some people are treating this as if it’s Adele’s biggest accomplishment. The woman has more than a dozen Grammy awards, so her weight being the most important thing about her is kind of insulting to some fans. 

Adele hasn’t spoken up about her weight loss, but her personal trainer has. He says the important thing for fans to remember is that Adele didn’t lose the weight to be skinnier. She never intended to make fans feel bad by taking away a plus-sized icon. She only wanted to be healthy, and have enough stamina to continue with her demanding career, especially now that she has the added stress of motherhood.

In fact, according to her personal trainer, her son is one of the reasons Adele came to him for help. According to her trainer, Adele’s weight loss journey was “about getting her healthy. Especially post pregnancy and post surgery.”