Adrienne Bailon Revealed This Rare Fact About ‘The Cheetah Girls’ and Fans Are Shook

Even the most die-hard fans of the popular Disney Channel franchise, The Cheetah Girls, may not know a fact revealed by one of the stars of the film and members of the group, Adrienne Bailon. She talked about the fact on talk show The Real, which she co-hosts.

The Cheetah Girls cast
Kiely Williams, Adrienne Bailon, Raven, Lynn Whitfield and Sabrina Bryan attend the premiere of Disney Channel’s “The Cheetah Girls.” | Matthew Peyton/Getty Images

The film is a classic 2000s movie ane one of the biggest Disney Channel original films

The Cheetah Girls is one of the most popular and well-known Disney Channel original films. The film spawned a franchise with two more films and the soundtracks for all the films were just as popular and lucrative. Raven-Symoné, Sabrina Bryan, Kiely Williams, and Bailon were tapped to star as the group. All but Symone returned for the third film. Lynn Whitfield also starred in the franchise as the mother of Symoné’s character.

The music and the singer-actresses were so popular that an actual girl group comprising three out of the four girls was formed and they performed under The Cheetah Girls name for a while.

Adrienne Bailon reveals a little-known fact about the film

The topic of this fact about The Cheetah Girls came up when Bailon and her The Real co-hosts were talking about Keyshia Cole being upset about O.T. Genesis releasing a hilarious cover of her song, “Love.”

“The song that Cheetah Girls is mainly known for and that people put on the internet, “Cinderella,” was originally not The Cheetah Girls song. It was originally a girl group named Play. And it was their song,” she said. “I’m sure they get so frustrated when people are like that’s The Cheetah Girls’ song.”

However, Bailon was a little incorrect as well. The Swedish girl group Play wasn’t the original group to single “Cinderella,” it was actually the American girl group i5. Their name stood for “International Five” as many of them were from different countries.

All three versions of the song came out over the course of four years i5’s was released in 2000, Play’s was released in 2002, and The Cheetah Girls’ was released in 2003.

Fans are mind-blown about the reveal

The Cheetah Girls fans just can’t believe that the group didn’t originally sing the song! “Cinderella wasn’t an original Cheetah Girls song. My childhood was a lie,” said one person.

Another person tweeted, “I just found out Cinderella wasn’t originally a cheetah girls song and I’m SHOOK.”

“Finding out that the cheetah girls didn’t make Cinderella really ruined my childhood,” said another.

Since everyone is reliving their childhood thinking about The Cheetah Girls movies and albums, perhaps all four women can come together for a new film and some new music for the culture!