‘Adventure Time’: BMO Just Dropped a Mixtape Inspired by the Entire Series

You’d think maybe Marceline or Ice King would drop an album, but BMO is Adventure Time’s first to do it as a solo artist. After getting his start on Cartoon Network, he’s an EDM master now.

The series’ sweet but tough little robot console is not afraid to push past his comfort zone and proved that with a whole musical offering. BMO didn’t create the project alone, and fans will be able to listen to it on the HBO Max show and via the internet.  

'Adventure Time: Distant Lands' BMO
‘Adventure Time: Distant Lands’ BMO | WarnerMedia/HBO Max

BMO drops his ‘Adventure Time’ mixtape online

BMO is one of the most beloved (and innocent) characters on Adventure Time, and in the new HBO Max spinoff Adventure Time: Distant Lands, he gets to shine. According to Variety, BMO and Chicago natives Gilligan Moss collaborated to bring us the aptly titled BMO’s Mixtape, a 13-track musical trip.

Per the outlet, the project features a collection of songs inspired by the series’ soundtrack and contains who, what, and where elements of Adventure Time: Distant Lands. Gilligan Moss described the offering as a space opera.

“Each song is a little world on the ‘Adventure Time’ journey, so we stitched them together into a continuous, bizarro space opera,” they said. “It’s a joyful ride and was truly a joy to create.”

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In the past, Gilligan Moss has performed at Coachella and worked with artists such as Glass Animals.

Fans can listen to BMO jam now and in the upcoming installment

When the newest episode of Adventure Time: Distant Lands premieres on HBO Max, viewers will get to experience BMO’s music in the four-hour arc. The story will follow the series’ other resident musician, Marceline, as she and Princess Bubblegum head to the Glass Kingdom.

Fans will also get to see more of their relationship set to songs from BMO’s EP. No need to wait on the new tunes though because you can get into it via YouTube right now.

During Comic-Con@Home 2020, executive producer Adam Muto shared a hint of what fans can expect in “Obsidian,” the second Adventure Time: Distant Lands special. There’s symbolism in the title which refers to the stone and the Glass Kingdom.

“Obsidian is a type of natural glass and spiritually, it can be protective and absorb negativity,” he said. “But it can also be weaponized as an actual material. So, it kind of has those elements to it that a lot of the characters are exhibiting within the show.”

When does the new special arrive on HBO Max?

“Obsidian” is due to arrive later this year, but fans shouldn’t count on seeing Finn or Jake in it. One character who may pop in is the Ice King, per Muto. He said that because Ice King/Simon played such a major role in Marceline’s life, he won’t totally disappear in the show’s reboot.

The final two episodes in Distant Lands will be feature a story about Peppermint Butler’s wizardly pursuits and close out with one focused on Finn and Jake’s brotherhood.

In the meantime, stay in tune with all your favorite characters through BMO’s musical treat. There’s even a mix with the famous “makin’ pancakes” line.