‘Agents of SHIELD’ Fans Are Disappointed Season 7 Didn’t Feature More Fitz

Agents of SHIELD debuted on the ABC network in 2013 and has been a hit show since day one. The popular TV series is a part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe; it was the first MCU TV series to air, and it is the longest lasting.

Fans have come to know and love the show, appreciating its harmonious tie-in with the MCU movies. It can be hard to say goodbye to a favorite show and beloved characters. Some fans feel like the final season of Agents of SHIELD didn’t provide enough air time for the favorite character Leo Fitz.

Who is Fitz in ‘Agents of SHIELD’?

IAIN DE CAESTECKER as Fitz in 'Agents of SHIELD'
IAIN DE CAESTECKER as Fitz in ‘Agents of SHIELD’ | Mitch Haaseth via Getty Images

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Iain De Caestecker plays the fan-favorite character, Fitz, on Agents of SHIELD. Throughout the seven-season series, many fans have come to admire Caestecker’s acting and his ability to pull off even the most difficult scenes. Fitz is an extremely complex character; he is a highly intelligent technology scientist for SHIELD. Fitz is an advanced weapons and technology engineer for SHIELD and created many of the robust tech tools the agency uses.

While Fitz is a good guy, he portrayed a much darker side when he was captured and forced to be part of the Framework. During his time in the Framework, he worked for the evil HYDRA as HYDRA’s second-in-command. After he escaped the Framework, Fitz was traumatized by his past actions.

Fitz and Simmons’ relationship throughout ‘Agents o SHIELD’

Even though romance primarily takes a sideline in MCU movies, Agents of SHIELD sometimes brings romance front and center. Fitz and Jemma Simmons probably have the best relationship in the MCU. From work partners to marriage partners, Simmons and Fitz’s relationship ranged from loving to difficult. Though the pair genuinely love each other, their relationship endured many extreme challenges due to various enemy tactics and external factors..

One of the most intense scenes involving Fitz and Simmons occurred in the episode titled “Self Control.” In this episode Life Model Decoys (LMDs) replicated many SHIELD members. LMDs caused a lot of confusion and distrust amongst agency members, including Simmons and Fits. The typically caring pair quickly became distrusting of each other, not knowing who was real and who was actually an LMD. This confusion pitted Simmons and Fitz against each other as they sought to bring an end to the LMDs.  

At one point, a portal pulls Simmons in, and the couple ends up a galaxy apart. The episode titled “4,722 hours” shows Simmons stranded on a planet where she develops a relationship with astronaut Will Daniels.

Fitz and Simmons eventually reunite, and Simmons tells him about her feelings for the astronaut. Even though Fitz was visibly upset, he vowed to help Simmons rejoin the astronaut.

Fans react to minimal appearances of Fitz in ‘Agents of SHIELD’ season 7

Tuning into a hit show regularly for years and then discovering that one of your favorite characters is barely in the final season can be a real bummer. One Reddit user knows this feeling all too well: “I haven’t seen this week’s episode get, but I’m really upset that Fitz wasn’t in this season that much. He is such a huge part of the show and I wish he could have been part of this final final season.”

Out of all 136 episodes of the series, Caestecker appears in 126 of them.

Caestecker’s Fitz is an intriguing and beloved character on Agents of SHIELD. Fitz is a complex character, and the relationship he has with Simmons has captivated fans from the start.

Fitz appears in nearly every episode of the series, although the final season featured much less of him. Some fans feel that Fitz’s time was cut short in the concluding season of Agents of SHIELD. It’s possible Fitz may have a role in future MCU movies.