‘Agents of SHIELD”s Chloe Bennet Was a ‘Light’ for Logan Paul and Changed His Life

A lot of great women have made men better, whether at the highest reaches of leadership, or down to the showbiz world. Many of the men who managed to become better people as a result are never afraid to sing the praises of those women, even if they ultimately never married.

One compelling example is the past relationship of celebrities Chloe Bennet and Logan Paul. Latter is better known as being a controversial YouTube star over the last decade. Bennet is best known for playing Daisy Johnson/Quake on Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD.

When these two seemingly opposing forces met, there was real chemistry there. Even if they never stuck together, Paul was forever changed thanks to Bennet’s life philosophy.

How long were Chloe Bennet and Logan Paul together?

Chloe Bennet and Logan Paul on the red carpet
Chloe Bennet and Logan Paul | Gabriel Olsen/Getty Images

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According to E! Online, it was back in the summer of 2017 when Bennet and Paul met while on the set of the film remake Valley Girl. This movie was held off from release due to Paul’s controversies, then finally played on VOD (and at select drive-in theaters) this past May.

During filming in 2017, Bennet and Paul seemed to find a kinship in one another. At the time, Bennet was knee-deep into filming Agents of SHIELD and Paul was riding high in his YouTube popularity, plus his prior Vine success. However, he also had his sights set on being an actor.

His controversies might have tainted that. During the filming of Valley Girl, he had no real disruptive incidents yet, something starting just months later.

This long string began when he put out his music single No Handlebars with an overly sexist theme against women in the music video. Of course, things got worse the following year. According to The Guardian, Paul was seen on his YouTube channel walking in a forest in Japan where a man who hanged himself was seen in the background.

Logan Paul admits Chloe Bennet helped him develop more empathy

Based on an interview with Paul above from Entertainment Tonight, he says Bennet changed his perception of how to live. Since he never had a mentor to help him through the perils of being an internet star, Bennet instilled some better values.

According to Paul: “And she, in many ways, became a light for me in a time where I did not have one. I carry on today in my life [the] values that she’s instilled in me that I wouldn’t have gotten from anywhere else or haven’t thus far.”

Part of that was Bennet’s innate sense of empathy, something Paul admits rubbed off on him. He certainly needed such a thing during a time when his videos on YouTube crossed numerous lines.

Bennet’s involvement seemed all the more important considering Paul claimed an old football injury caused him brain damage, hence his inability to be empathetic or create human connections.

Were the controversies the result of Logan Paul and Chloe Bennet’s breakup?

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All the Logan Paul controversies were mounting throughout 2018 when Paul and Bennet linked back up after a brief break. Bennet still broke up with him by the end of that year.

No doubt having to tolerate all of Paul’s over-the-top moves on his YouTube channel never helped their relationship. At least he was forever impacted by Bennet’s personality, something any actor is going to need to survive the industry.

While Paul has more recently moved on to dating Josie Canseco, he says he and Bennet are still friendly to one another. It seems Paul has finally found some even ground now after those bad years, if perhaps always at risk for slipping up again in the public eye.

Having a friend like Bennet to turn to at times like that is arguably better than turning to a lawyer with no thought other than earning a check.