AJR’s ‘Bang’ Features a Well-Known Voice to New York City Travelers

Adam, Ryan, and Jack Met are the masterminds behind AJR’s “Way Less Sad,” “The Good Part,” and other hit songs. During their performance at the Z100 Jingle Ball at Madison Square Garden, the performers discussed some of the inspiration behind OK Orchestra’s “Bang.”

Ryan Met, Jack Met, and Adam Met of AJR perform on stage during iHeartRadio Z100 Jingle Ball 2021
Ryan Met, Jack Met, and Adam Met of AJR perform on stage during iHeartRadio Z100 Jingle Ball 2021 | Mike Coppola/Getty Images for iHeartRadio

AJR performed at the Z100 Jingle Ball at Madison Square Garden

They went out with a bang. Just weeks before this band embarks on their OK Orchestra tour, AJR appeared at multiple stadiums in conjunction with the iHeartRadio Jingle Ball. That included the Z100 Jingle Ball in New York City featuring the Jonas Brothers, Lil Nas X, and Ed Sheeran.

This performance held extra significance for AJR, who revealed that they grew up just 10 blocks away from Madison Square Garden. Living in New York actually added something special to “Bang.” 

AJR explained how living in New York influenced their song ‘Bang’

Before their “Bang” performance at Madison Square Garden, Ryan and Jack Met gave a demo of how they created the song. Ryan Met explained that they often grab inspiration from unique places — even while sitting in their living room.

“All of a sudden, we heard a knock at the door,” Ryan Met said. “We didn’t really care who was at the door; no, we cared about the sound of that knock.”

The song was almost finished after pitching that same knock up and down. Even though AJR had the melody and beat to “Bang,” the artists felt this song was missing something. 

Then, they heard something on the subway — a man on the intercom saying, “please stand clear of the closing doors.” Ryan asked if the person could record for an AJR song, to which a voiceover responded with, “sure, I have nothing else to do.” 

Yes, it’s the “voice of the New York City subway” that says “here we go” on this track. Since its release “Bang” became one of AJR’s best-known songs. On Spotify, the track has over 235 million plays, only surpassed by “Weak” and “Burn The House Down.”

AJR often shares insight into songs like ‘Don’t Throw Out My Legos’

This wouldn’t be the first (or the last time) AJR gave a crash course in song creation. In conjunction with the Neotheater tour, Ryan and Jack broke down their song “Don’t Throw Out My Legos,” complete with audio visualization. 

Following the release of OK Orchestra, this band also hosted a live stream concert experience for fans. This was predominately because the band couldn’t tour with coronavirus (COVID-19) safety concerns. 

They discussed everything from their father’s favorite song (with a resounding “My Play” coming from somewhere in the room) to the meaning behind songs like “Joe” and “Adventure Is Out There.”

As Jack Met plugged during the Z100 Jingle Ball, the band will tour during 2022, stopping in New York to perform at the Forest Hills Stadium. Until then, music by AJR is available on most major streaming platforms. 

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