‘Alaskan Bush People’ Might Be Even Faker Than the Kardashians

Most people understand that reality shows are drifting further away from reality than ever before. While many shows about real people still seem spontaneous, media leaks continue to prove what everyone sees on camera is not reality as we know it.

Many examples exist like this (if still kept under wraps), but one of the worst offenders is Discovery Channel’s Alaskan Bush People. This show continues to intrigue audiences since it supposedly shows a family living in the wilds of Alaska and the internal dramas unfolding.

Unfortunately, some unintended evidence leaked proving how faux it really is. Critics are now saying it may be faker than Keeping Up With the Kardashians, which is really saying something.

The Brown family from 'Alaskan Bush People' standing in a field
The Brown Family from Alaskan Bush People | Discovery Channel

What is ‘Alaskan Bush People’ about?

When it debuted in 2014, the show had a curious theme not many had seen on TV: Following the Brown Family who claimed to live in the Alaskan wild for 30 years. Billy and Ami Brown were said to raise five sons and two daughters in Hoonah, Alaska, even shunning technology to adhere to natural living.

Viewers bought into the concept initially, if also making the Browns instantly famous. Back in 2014, more shows about real professions and families were becoming ubiquitous on cable.

What viewers should have realized is making a family like this famous turns them into different people from how the show initially presents them. Maybe the Browns really did live in the wild for a while. Now, some evidence points to even that being questionable.

Critics went after the family on social media in recent years for being fakes. However, the Browns defend their show for still being reasonably close to the truth.

Do the Browns really live together in a one-room cabin?

The initial premise of the show presented the Browns as being almost like a wild tribe. They created their own dialect, called themselves a “wolf pack,” and even slept together in a small cabin. After a while, there was some question on whether this held true considering the family was making money off the show after becoming a hit in the first season.

Fans began to suspect things did not add up, particularly when seeing many of the family members posting on social media, according to Distractify. If they truly shunned modern technology, why were they posting on Instagram and Twitter? Another media leak from insiders said the living conditions of the Browns are not exactly as portrayed, or at least nowadays.

How true is it that the Browns now live in luxury?


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Locals from the area where the Browns live in Alaska recently leaked the family are living in a posh resort called Icy Strait Lodge rather than their notoriously small cabin, according to Ranker.

If true, this indicates what really happens to reality show families once they start making millions of dollars. Their lives are irreversibly changed, making living in the wild seem moot. Other evidence points to their initial cabin being built by others, giving insinuation the Discovery Channel wants to create a fabricated universe of a family living in the Alaskan wilderness.

When Ami Brown had cancer, other reports had the family living in a large L.A. mansion while she recovered, Radar Online reports. Sure, that almost seems like Beverly Hillbillies territory, despite rumors Billy Brown already came from an upper-middle-class family, as The Sun indicates.

Beyond this, the Browns maintain what you see is basically true, including calling doubters “bobs in the basement,” according to In Touch Weekly. As long as the show admits to fudging facts, the show still makes for good entertainment. In today’s time, this may be all audiences care about, if knowing nuggets of truth isn’t a deal-breaker.