‘Alchemy of Souls’ Finale: Was the Ice Stone Destroyed? – Explaining How and Why It Saved Jang Uk

The Alchemy of Souls finale left a few loose strings that need explaining, like the infamous Ice Stone. As the final episode of the K-drama progressed, fans experienced the worst possible outcome for one of its leading characters. As Jin Mu forces the assassin Nak-su to shed blood, the unthinkable happens to Jang Uk. But the Alchemy of Souls finale shows the true power of the Ice Stone and its connection to Jang Uk’s destiny.

[WARNING: This article contains spoilers for Alchemy of Souls finale.]

Lee Jae-wook as Jang Uk in 'Alchemy of Souls' finale in regards to the Ice Stone.
Lee Jae-wook as Jang Uk in ‘Alchemy of Souls’ finale in regards to the Ice Stone | via tvN

The Ice Stone brings Jang Uk back to life in ‘Alchemy of Souls’ finale

A lot goes on in the K-drama’s final episode. Above all, Jin Mu learns that Nak-su’s soul resides in the body of Mu-deok. Using Shaman Choi’s sou powders and ritual bells, he calls Nak-su’s soul and makes her run wild as a soul shifter. He uses his powers to reawaken hers, and her first task is to kill Woo-tak. While successful, she kills many mages.

While Park Jin and the others learn from Jin Mu about Nak-su, they race to stop her. But when ready to kill her, Jang Uk shields her from Park Jin’s arrow. But seeing as Nak-su is under a trance, she stabs Jang Uk with her sword. She awakens to her true self and sobs in agony over killing her true love. But the ringing of bells forces her to go back into a mindless killer.

As she finds herself at the graves of soul shifters, the other character prepares to burn Jang Uk’s body. Master Lee monologues that it is not the end for Jang Uk as he watches the fire. In some alternate dimension, or within the Ice Stone itself, a manifested Jang Uk picks up the stone as the King’s Star shines brightly. The red flames explode, run wild, and turn blue in the real world.

A gust of blue flames and wind extinguish the fire. From the smoke emerges an alive Jang Uk, unscathed. Jang Uk is reborn or saved thanks to the Ice Stone in the Alchemy of Souls finale.

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Was the Ice Stone destroyed in the finale?

Based on storyline details, it is safe to theorize that the Ice Stone is not entirely gone. For most of the K-drama, the Ice Stone was described as a physical item many wanted. But in Alchemy of Souls Episode 18, fans learn how the Ice Stone works. When Lady Jin kills Mu-deok/Nak-su, the stone gravitates toward her willingly. After Sol-i tries to destroy the stone, fans see Nak-su amid the storm.

She soon theorizes that she is within the Ice Stone itself. Mu-deok’s younger self and adult soul manifest to speak with Nak-su. She tells Nak-su that the Ice Stone is not an object to possess. It can take many forms, like fire, water, ice, and wind. In reality, Nak-su does not have the stone. It manifested into another form.

When Jang Uk uses all his power to break the barrier around Jeongjingak, fans speculate he transports into the Ice Stone itself. He picks up the stone, but back in the real world, the stone is nowhere to be found. Was the stone destroyed along with the barrier? The short answer is: likely not. Instead, the Ice Stone took on a new form and now resides within Jang Uk.

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Jang Uk’s birth explains why he has the Ice Stone in ‘Alchemy of Souls’ finale

In the Alchemy of Souls finale, the Ice Stone theory is further proven when Master Lee asks Jang Uk if he harnesses the Ice Stone. Jang Uk is unsure but only wishes to live a happy life with Mu-deok. But fans question why Jang Uk can harness the stone in the first place.

In the finale, fans learn people born with King’s Star have another great purpose. Jang Uk can have the stone because of it, as the great mage Choi was also born with the King’s Star. When Jang Uk destroyed the barrier, the King’s Star shined brightly in the sky. It explains why Master Lee knew Jang Uk would be reborn. Jang Uk was also the only person who did not want to harness the stone’s powers. As his dead body burned, Jang Uk’s possession of the Ice Stone and his destiny with the King’s Star combined and led to his rebirth. Jang Uk has likely become the most powerful mage in history.

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