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Weekly K-dramas are a sweet treat that builds up needed anticipation among fans. Netflix’s latest hit K-drama, Alchemy of Souls, is on a winning streak as it gets closer to its 20-episode mark. But the fantasy/supernatural drama will take a short break after this week’s episodes.

[WARNING: This article contains spoilers for Alchemy of Souls.]

‘Alchemy of Souls’ will air episodes 15 and 16 of the K-drama as scheduled

According to Soompi, Alchemy of Souls will premiere episodes 15 and 16 on August 6 and 7th as scheduled. A representative for the K-drama explains after this week’s episodes, Alchemy of Souls will take a one-week break. Episodes 17 and 18 will instead premiere on August 20 and 21st.

The representative explains the reasoning is “to enhance the level of completion for the second half.” Fans should not worry, as they will still get their dose of Alchemy of Souls during the hiatus. The K-drama will air a broadcast covering the main storyline of Alchemy of Souls and a special with the main cast.

Mu-deok and Jang Uk share a kiss in ‘Alchemy of Souls’ Episode 14

Before the new episodes of Alchemy of Souls and its hiatus, here is a refresher of where the K-drama left the characters. Fans know Jang Uk had done what no other mage has before and mastered Chisu in a short time. In Episode 14, he goes up against Seo Yul to keep Mu-deok as his maid.

While Jang Uk loses the fight, he is praised for his abilities. While in the infirmary attending to his injuries, Jang Uk comes clean and tells Park Jin about Master Lee’s crush on Maidservant Kim. Meanwhile, Seo Yul is Mu-deok’s new master but promises she can visit Jang Uk whenever she wants. He gifts her a new bird whistle.

Fans see Jin Woo-tak has his treacherous scheme when he gifts his daughter hairpins as a birthday gift. But one pin has a needle that he uses to prick her and retrieve blood or a red thread. During the K-drama, Mu-deok retrieves her jade stone from the well where the Prince threw it. Later, she becomes jealous when she sees Jang Uk speaking to Heo Yun-ok.

Mu-deok and Jang Uk have a minor quarrel, and he hugs her to prove his gratitude as her pupil. To prove it further, they share their first kiss. The drama is far from over when Nak-su meets someone from Mu-deok’s past, which leads her to find another person who knew her. She finds the man dead and caught by Park Jin. Meanwhile, Master Lee, Jang Uk, Seo Yul, and Dang-gu visit the king. They learn Master Lee is a soul shifter.

When does the K-drama premiere new episodes?

The June K-drama is well into its 20-episode season. While the drama has been confirmed for a second installment, there are still a lot of storylines to explore. Alchemy of Souls premieres new episodes every Saturday and Sunday at 11 a.m. EST on Netflix.

Fans have become enamored with the K-drama’s fantasy story, ties with dark palace politics, and a love triangle worth watching.


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