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A K-drama‘s main cast can make or break a storyline. Fans are hooked on Netflix’s Alchemy of Souls due to its impressive leading cast full of industry veterans and young actors who have starred in well-known works. Leading actor Lee Jae-wook is well known for romance dramas before playing the role of Jung Uk in Alchemy of Souls. His co-star Hwang Min-hyun is more recognized for his fame as a K-Pop idol.

Actor Yoo In-soo plays the kind and lovable Park Dang-gu

While fans have fallen for Dang-gu’s boyish charm in Alchemy of Souls, cast member Yoo previously played one of K-drama’s most hated characters. That is right, Yoo played the antagonist role of Yoon Gwi-nam in the hit coming-of-age zombie K-drama, All of Us Are Dead. His character was the school bully after the male lead after turning into a mutation of the virus.

The Alchemy of Souls actor has starred in some of K-drama’s most renowned titles. He had a small role in the teen romance Sweet Revenge, Stranger 2, and Chocolate. Yoo also played the role of Yoo Pil-sang in the romance Moments at Eighteen. It seems that Yoo has a knack for teen romance as he also had a role in My ID is Gangnam Beauty, Strong Girl Bong-soon, and School 2017.

Shin Seung-ho plays the prince in ‘Alchemy of Souls’

The grand prince in K-dramas is either sweetheart or a royal pain. In Alchemy of Souls, cast member Shin plays Go Won, the prince. Go Won has his battles with the main characters but soon joins them in their efforts to uncover the mystery of the palace.

The actor started his career in 2018, starring in both seasons of A-Team. Shin also had a role in Moments of Eighteen as Ma Hwi-young. In 2019, he had a supporting role as Il-sik in Song Kang’s hit drama, Love Alarm. But his most prominent roles was also one that rubbed fans the wrong way. He played the bully and military soldier Hwang Jang-soo in the acclaimed drama D.P.

‘Alchemy of Souls’ is Hwang Min-hyun’s second main cast role

The handsome Hwang is not often recognized for his acting career as he made a name for himself as a K-Pop idol. He debuted as a lead singer in the boy group NU’EST until its disbandment in 2022. He is also a member of the group Wanna One. Hwang made his acting debut on 2013 but got his first leading role in 2020 in the teen drama Live On.

Live On is centered on a group of teen students who live under the expectations of social media and society in a coming-of-age story about young love and friendship.

Hwang joined the cast of Alchemy of Souls in the role of Seo Yul. It is the second biggest role in his career and has given him a rise to stardom. His character is the son of an affluent mage family in the K-drama. He is one of the few young mages who has mastered the power of Chisu. In Alchemy of Souls, he develops an interest in the female lead, creating a love triangle.

Jung So-min started her small-screen career in 2010

In the leading cast role of Mu-deok/Nak-su in Alchemy of Souls is actor Jung So-min. She plays the physical role of blind woman Mu-deok, who becomes inhabited by the soul of master mage assassin Nak-su. Before the Netflix K-drama, Jung began her career in 2009 before landing her first TV role in Bad Guy in 2010.

She has since starred in various roles from Big Man, My Father is Strange, and multiple cameos. In 2015, she starred as Jung Ddol-mi in the disaster drama D-Day. Jung led one of the most acclaimed romance K-dramas Because This Is My First Life.

Her character is an aspiring writer who moves out after her brother marries. She finds herself renting from an introvert and falling in love. Jung also starred in The Smile Has Left Your Eyes and Soul Mechanic.

Lee Jae-wook plays the lead cast role in ‘Alchemy of Souls’ as Jang Uk

It is not common for K-drama fans to not know actor Lee Jae-wook. He plays the main role of Jang Uk in Alchemy of Souls, a soon-to-be powerful mage who is destined for greatness. While Lee began his career in 2018, he has become a well-recognized actor.

Before joining the cast of Alchemy of Souls, Lee played the lead role of Sunwoo Joon in the romance K-drama, Do Do Sol Sol La La Sol. His character is a part-time worker who meets an eccentric pianist. They help each other figure out their lives as they develop feelings for each other.

Lee’s other claims to fame come from his early main cast roles. He is recognized for starring as the inherent bad boy Baek Kyung in Extraordinary You. The fourth-wall break K-drama told the story of a comic book character who realizes her life is not hers. In 2019, Lee played the leading role of Seol Ji-hwan in the powerhouse female-lead drama, Search: WWW.

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