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The biggest mystery going into Alchemy of Souls Season 2 is how the K-drama will address the return of Nak-su. The feared assassin met an unwelcome fate in the finale, but it ended on a tantalizing cliffhanger. The official teaser for the season revealed Go Yoon-jung returning as Nak-su. How exactly will the character return? Something Jang Uk said in the finale could be a hint for Alchemy of Souls Season 2.

[WARNING: This article contains spoilers for Alchemy of Souls.]

Jang Uk and Nak-su during 'Alchemy of Souls' finale.
Jang Uk and Nak-su during ‘Alchemy of Souls’ finale | via tvN

Jang Uk possesses the Ice Stone as Nak-su/Mu-deok runs wild

Before getting into what happened in the finale, fans need a refresher of how Jang Uk came into the possession of the Ice Stone. While the main characters are trapped within Jeongjingak due to a barrier created by the Ice Stone, Jang Uk realizes a way out. But the barrier sucks the power out of any mage that uses their magic. Jang Uk sacrifices his powers to save everyone and breaks the barrier.

While doing so, he is transported to another dimension or within the Ice Stone and takes possession of it. In the Alchemy of Souls finale, neither Jang Uk nor Nak-su/Mu-deok have magic. They decided to get married and live their lives away from the palace. But there is a scene in the finale where Jang Uk speaks to Master Lee and hints at a possible theory for Alchemy of Souls Season 2.

While overlooking the lake, Jang Uk sits with Master Lee and asks if he will let them go on with their lives as promised. But Master Lee wonders if Jang Uk is in possession of the stone. Jang Uk answers he is unsure, but without his powers, it means nothing. While Master Lee explains he could train again, Jang Uk does not want to awaken the stone’s powers.

But he explains, “In any case, since I have the Ice Stone. I can protect one individual. If Mu-deok runs wild, please help me use this power to stop it.” Master Lee then reveals that Mu-deok is a powerful priestess but is unsure who.

The Ice Stone could be used by Jang Uk to save Nak-su in ‘Alchemy of Souls’ Season 2

Many instances foreshadowed the tragic events in the finale. Not only did Master Lee foretell who would kill Jang Uk, but Jang Uk’s worst fear also came true when Nak-su/Mu-deok ran wild. Unlike in the previous scene, he could not ask Master Lee for help saving her due to his death.

But the finale proved that Jang Uk saving Nak-su with the Ice Stone is possible for Alchemy of Souls Season 2. While Jang Uk’s body burned in the finale, the King’s Star combined with the Ice Stone led to his resurrection. From the K-drama, fans know the Ice Stone also revived a dead Bu-yeon while in her mother’s womb.

It could very well be that Jang Uk’s now powerful new self will find a way to use the Ice Stone to bring Nak-su back to her old body. The same way it saved his while it burned. From the teaser, fans know Jang Uk has regained his magic. It is also possible that due to Bu-yeon’s priestess abilities to trap souls, Nak-su’s is still very much alive.

The finale also revealed that two women, possibly Lady Jin’s maids, rescued Mu-deok’s body from the lake. There are many loose threads and theories for Nak-su’s return, but how the Ice Stone can bring back Nak-su to her original body, which was burned to ash, is still a head-scratcher.

‘Alchemy of Souls’ Season 2 is will premiere in December

The Hong Sisters planned to develop the K-drama into two seasons from the start. For now, fans have only gotten a taste of the new installment with a much darker Jang Uk wielding Nak-su’s sword and killing souls that have run wild. Fans also see what could be a small time jump due to the characters’ new looks.

To top it off, the teaser ended with Nak-su in a light cotton dress, similar to what is worn during a funeral. She also stands on the roof of what could be the Jin family home. The new season is officially titled, Alchemy of Souls: Light and Shadow.


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Alchemy of Souls Season 2’s title leaves a mystery. Fans know Nak-su was the ‘shadow’ in the first season, with Jang Uk being the ‘light.’ Could their roles be reversed? Fans will have to wait and see as the new season premieres in December.

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