‘Alchemy of Souls’: Shin Seung-ho Explains Why Prince Go-won and Mu-deok Having a Love Story Wouldn’t Work

Netflix’s Alchemy of Souls has everything a K-drama fan could want, from tantalizing fantasy drama, nerve-wracking theories, and a love story. But fans were especially fond of how the drama gave in to not just a love triangle but a quadruple triangle. Fans never expected the Crown Prince Go Won to feel the same way. Actor Shin Seung-ho explains why Go Won and Mu-deok’s non-existent love story serves another purpose in Alchemy of Souls.

[WARNING: This article contains spoilers for Alchemy of Souls.]

Shin Seung-ho as Go Won in 'Alchemy of Souls' K-drama.
Shin Seung-ho as Go Won in ‘Alchemy of Souls’ K-drama via tvN

Crown Prince Go Won finds himself falling for Mu-deok’s quirky charm in ‘Alchemy of Souls’

For as long as fans can remember, the princes’ in most K-dramas fall under the same tragic category. They are either gullible or fall victim to the dark side of power. But fans were pleasantly surprised with Daeho Crown Prince Go Won. While appearing standoffish, he often proved he cared more for the safety of the people than the power that comes from the Ice Stone and magic.

As Alchemy of Souls progressed, Go Won also developed feelings for Mu-deok. Keep in mind that she is developing feelings for Jang Uk and is well aware of Seo Yul’s past feelings for her as Nak-su. While they initially met under unpleasant circumstances, Go Won begins to fall for her fearless demeanor.

While fans knew Mu-deok’s love story was steering toward Jang Uk, they could not help but feel that Go Won also had a fighting chance. But by the end of the K-drama, Mu-deok and Jang Uk are ready for marriage and leave the palace behind. In the finale, Mu-deok speaks with Go Won, who everyone believes is the King’s Star.

He angrily admits that he hates that Mu-deok praises him, knowing the truth. Hearing her say she is leaving with Jang Uk angers him more. But his anger toward Jang Uk saving everyone instead of him hides his true feelings of seeing Mu-deok in love with someone else. Go Won tells her, “I will vehemently despise seeing you two together.” Alchemy of Souls actor Shin explains why Go Won and Mu-deok becoming a couple was not meant to be.

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Shin Seung-ho says Go Won’s failed relationships with Mu-deok serve a bigger purpose

Alchemy of Soul actor Shin breaks down the K-drama and his character, Go Won. According to Soompi, Shin explains how Go Won becomes a different person in Mu-deok’s presence.

“I think the first female character that Go Won meets is Mu Deok. Apart from the characters’ relationship, when he meets with Mu Deok, the tension and atmosphere both slightly and immensely changed,” said the actor.

But when it comes to the third leg of the quadruple love triangle, Shin understands fans’ desires to see Go Won and Mu-deok develop a romance. In hindsight, the actor explains what happens in the finale, and Go Won’s heartbreak leads to something more.

“If a perfect image were to come out from their love line, it’d be great to go that route, but I believe that the crown prince’s character is perfected because neither his friendship or love with Mu Deok works out,” explained Shin. In reality, a love story would not have worked and instead helped further develop Go Won’s character.

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Does Go Won find love in the ‘Alchemy of Souls’ finale?

The finale of the K-drama was heartbreaking. As Mu-deok and Jang Uk are ready to go on with their lives and get married, Jin Mu has other plans and uses Shaman Choi’s ritual bells to control Mu-deok/Nak-su and reawaken her powers. In the end, she unknowingly murders Jang Uk as her body petrifies. But due to Jang Uk’s unique birth and possession of the Ice Stone, he is reborn, and Mu-deok’s body is saved from the lake.

Go Won, the King and Queen hear more of Jin Mu’s fabricated lies about what happened. When he hears that Mu-deok’s body will die, he looks grief-stricken. But the K-drama leaves it that for the character. But with news of an Alchemy of Souls Season 2 with the cast and Go Yoon-jung, there is still more of Go Won for fans to see.

“In Part 2, the crown prince’s story will unravel. In my opinion, it will be really fun. I think it’ll be good if you continue to look forward to the crown prince’s activity,” said Shin.

Alchemy of Souls Season 2 is scheduled to premiere in December 2022.

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