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With a fantasy K-drama comes many theories about characters and their storylines. Alchemy of Souls tells the story of powerful mages, but each character has a mystery that fans want to see uncovered. One of the mysteries is the Ice Stone and its connection to a mage named Jin Seol-ran. Alchemy of Souls ties in a supposed love letter to Seol-ran, but it is the key to unlocking the Ice Stone.

[WARNING: This article contains spoilers for Alchemy of Souls.]

Jin Seol-ran and another mage unknowingly created the Ice Stone in ‘Alchemy of Souls’

Fans need a refresher on the magical object’s creation to understand the theory behind Seol-ran and the Ice Stone. In Alchemy of Souls Episode 7 opens with a monologue about Daeho’s past and the Ice Stone. The country once went through an unimaginable drought.

Powerful mages gathered to perform a grand rite to refill the lake with its power. Fans see a blindfolded or blind mage casting the spell while performing a ritual dance. As she performs the ceremony, hail falls from the sky and turns into water. But there was one piece of hail that did not melt.

The monologue explains the piece of unmelting hail tuned itself into fire, then stone, then water, and back into its ice form. But the process created a black powder known as the Soul Ejector used to perform the Alchemy of Souls. The creation of the Ice Stone and Soul Ejector created chaos.

It allowed the souls of the dead to reinhabit their bodies. Daeho was consumed by bloodshed until Master Seo Gyeong ended the war and sealed away the stone. But fans theorize the love letter Seo Gyeong wrote for Seol-ran is the key to using the Ice Stone in Alchemy of Souls.

Jang Uk learns Seo Gyeong wrote the love letter to Seo-ran

In the June K-drama, only a select few mages have mastered the ability to perform the Alchemy of Souls. But the only way to accomplish it is by using the Soul Ejector created by the Ice Stone. Far fewer mages can harness its power. Alchemy of Souls reveals that the Queen is Shaman Choi, possesses the Ice Stone, and can create the Soul Ejector.

But there is a theory brought up by fans and Watching Sundays that could crack the mystery of the Ice Stone and its connection to Seol-ran. By episode 10, Jang Uk is given a poem to read. If he is successful, he can venture out as he pleases. But the book is blank. He is told only skilled and focused mages can read it. Instead of doing so, Master Lee hints the poem is a love letter.

He explains Seo Gyeong wrote the letter to a woman who could not see. Jang Uk realizes he needs the woman’s name to unseal the poem. He finds out the woman was Seol-ran from Park Jin. The love letter is beautiful but could secretly be so much more.

Seol-ran’s love letter are directions to using the Ice Stone in ‘Alchemy of Souls’

To fans, the love letter is beautiful, but does it have a secret meaning? According to Watching Sundays, the letter could be the instructions for using the Ice Stone. In a flashback, fans saw Seo Gyeong standing next to a woman, a woman who would have been Seol-ran. It means that she, too, was part of sealing away the Ice Stone in Alchemy of Souls.

Watching Sundays explains that the letter was never sent, but likely because it was directions on how to seal and unseal the Ice Stone, hidden as a love letter. The letter references to water, fire, earth, wind, and snow. It also refers to a blue light, likely the power the mages use.

The letter ends with Seo Gyeong could not let his tears fall, “despite knowing they will fill up again. I am a fool who dares not shed a single tear.” The theory suggests the unsealing of the Ice Stone involves love, tears, and power. If the theory is true, it explains why Shaman Choi can use it as Jin Mu was Jang Gang’s pupil. Jang Gang was able to unseal the stone.


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