‘Alchemy of Souls’: Unraveling the Mystery of Shaman Choi and Her Evil Plan

The secrets and mysteries in Alchemy of Souls K-drama are becoming more intense and interwoven. While fans try to flesh out Mu-deok’s story as the lost Jin family daughter Bu-yeon, another mystery is brewing. Behind the use of illegal magic and the Ice Stone in Alchemy of Souls reveals to be Shaman Choi. Fans never expected her to have her talons so deep into evil and the palace.

[WARNING: This article contains spoilers for Alchemy of Souls.]

Everyone suspects the Queen of being a soul shifter

While Jin Mu is at the heart of the evil lurking in Daeho, he is only a servant to a greater evil. Fans learned that the Queen is not the Queen. Her body is being used as a vessel for a grander plan. Alchemy of Souls Episode 15 revealed that the Queen is a soul shifter when Master Lee sees fear emanating from her when wanting to bring Gwigu into the palace.

It seems everyone has their hunch as Park Jin also knows the truth. He also knows Jin Mu is the Queen’s servant. Fans get the idea that Park Jin and Master Lee know who is in the body of the Queen. Alchemy of Souls Episode 16 reveals that they believe the Queen’s soul is still alive. Heo Yeom explains to Park Jin that the Queen is the aunt of Seo Yul.

Yun-ok reminds them that each member of the Seo family has a Lantern of Life at the Seoho fortress. The lantern would have alerted them if the Queen’s soul were gone entirely. The episode soon reveals that the Queen’s soul is still alive but in the body of a woman with a burned face.

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Shaman Choi inhabits the body of the Queen in ‘Alchemy of Souls’

Jang Uk is on the scent of the mystery behind the Queen being a soul shifter. He remembers when he and Mu-deok were in danger of the Queen’s Eunuch, who had turned into a wild soul shifter. The Eunuch spoke to Jin Mu and said Shaman Choi commanded the mage to kill him.

Near the end of the 16th episode, the Prince and Jang Uk cross paths when they visit a town where shamans often work. They meet with the oldest shaman and bribe him for information about Shaman Choi. Fans soon learn the truth.

Shaman Choi was known for using dark magic and sorcery for hexes. The mages of Cheonbugwan found out about her use of illegal sorcery. Instead of being taken, she plunged herself into a fire and was presumed dead. But others believe Shaman Choi was severely burned but survived. Before Jang Uk and the Prince leave, the shaman tells them of a rumor that changes everything.

A rumor circulated that Shaman Choi’s brother married a woman from an influential family. While Jang Uk is unclear who, Alchemy of Souls reveals Shaman Choi’s brother is Jin Woo-tak. It explains why he is helping Jin Mu find someone to impersonate Bu-yeon and helping the Queen.

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Is Shaman Choi behind Bu-yeon’s missing memories?

Knowing Shaman Choi is inhabiting the body of the Queen in Alchemy of Souls answers many questions but raises a few inquiries. Seeing as Shaman Choi was well versed in sorcery, it makes sense why she could manipulate the Ice Stone in the Queen’s body. It is likely Jin Mu knew how to unlock the stone as he was Jang Gang’s pupil.

Another puzzling aspect of Alchemy of Souls is if Shaman Choi is connected to Bu-yeon. Fans know a young Bu-yeon was likely the one who helped Jin Mu find the Ice Stone. But she falls into the river, disappears, and grows up with no real memory of her past. There is a possible theory thanks to Cho-yeon.

She reveals to Mu-deok that powerful shamans can erase people’s memories while a priestess can trap souls. Could it be that Shaman Choi erased Bu-yeon’s memories? But because of who Bu-yeon is, she retained her soul’s power. But in Shaman Choi’s flashback, fans see a blind wooden doll she uses for a hex. Could she have blinded the Jin family? Alchemy of Souls also has Woo-tak reveals that he is not Bu-yeon’s biological father.

It would explain why he feels no connection to her but knows her importance. Fans can speculate that introducing Sol-i as Bu-yeon to the Jin family will allow Shaman Choi to transport her soul to Sol-i to take over the Jin family in Alchemy of Souls.

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