Alec Baldwin Appears To Defend Woody Allen, Governor Andrew Cuomo in ‘Cancel Culture’ Rant

Actor and comedian Alec Baldwin recently went on a long-winded rant speaking out against “cancel culture.” The Saturday Night Live star had initially posted a 14-minute video to his Instagram page that went into deep detail regarding his feelings on the subject, but he deleted the post and then posted a shorter video that broached the topic.

According to Baldwin, he feels like cancel culture is getting out of hand, as more and more public figures are being unfairly punished for their words and actions. 

During the rant, Baldwin appeared to stand up for Woody Allen and Governor Andrew Cuomo, both of whom have been under significant public scrutiny in recent weeks. 

Ale Baldwin feels like public figures are being punished unfairly

Alec Baldwin attends "The Boss Baby" New York Premiere at AMC Loews Lincoln Square 13 theater
Alec Baldwin attends “The Boss Baby” New York Premiere at AMC Loews Lincoln Square 13 theater | Roy Rochlin/FilmMagic

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Although Baldwin went into far greater detail in a since-deleted Instagram video, he circled back on the issue in a shorter video later on. 

“I think my last message went on too long. What I was saying is that I think that the cancel culture is getting out of hand,” Baldwin said on Instagram. “There are people that deserve to be punished for what they have done but not everybody should be punished in the same way… Not everybody should be punished in the same way. Even the criminal justice system recognizes that.”

He compared ‘cancel culture’ to internet trolling

Later on in the video, Baldwin claimed that he felt that cancel culture is causing more problems in mainstream society than it solves. He likened it to internet trolling and noted that its implications can be far-reaching. 

“I deleted the other message because you go on and on and on and try to explain things and it doesn’t make any difference. Anyway, I think cancel culture is creating more problems than it solves. It’s like trolling. It’s like a giant mile-long net and you’re catching a lot of people, many of them deserve it and a few of them, more than a few, who don’t. Or they don’t’ deserve to have their careers and their lives destroyed.”

He appeared to defend Woody Allen and Governor Andrew Cuomo

According to The Daily Mail, Baldwin’s rant in the first video was directed toward a few public figures, in particular. Although he did not mention them by name, he pretty clearly alluded to filmmaker Allen and Governor Cuomo. 

“They haven’t been proven guilty. I don’t care how many Pulitzer Prize-winning authors say otherwise.”

Baldwin then got more specific, referring to the sexual harassment allegations Governor Cuomo is now facing. 

“The Attorney General is going to investigate accusations against a Governor. Then, and only then, can we talk about people resigning,” he said.

Baldwin then suggested that the COVID-19 pandemic has played a role in the increase of cancel culture call-outs. In his opinion, the fact that people are at home and have more time on their hands means more people are on the internet looking to cause dissent.