Does Alexis Bledel Speak Spanish like Rory Gilmore?

During Season 6 of Gilmore Girls, Rory Gilmore (Alexis Bledel) showed off her Spanish speaking skills. The Yale graduate who took French at her prep school, Chilton, held a conversation with her grandmother’s maid of the week. Does Bledel really speak Spanish? Find out the answer ahead.

When does Alexis Bledel speak Spanish on ‘Gilmore Girls’?

During Season 6, Episode 2, “Fight Face,” Rory wandered to the kitchen of her grandparents home — at the time she was staying in their pool house — in search of coffee where she found her grandmother’s maid folding napkins. Rory immediately started a conversation with the woman in Spanish asking her about her family.

Alexis Bledel speaking Spanish on ‘Gilmore Girls’ Season 6 | YouTube

Rory and the maid were in the middle of polishing silver and chatting when Rory’s grandmother, Emily Gilmore, walked in. Appaled Rory would be polishing silver with the maid, Emily immediately suggested her granddaughter go for a swim to clear her head.

Rory never saw the maid again. After their encounter, her grandmother hired a different maid (she’s notorious for hiring and firing maids on the show) from Romania who gave Rory a piercing stare when she uttered a quick “hi” during drinks with her grandparents.

Does Alexis Bledel speak Spanish like Rory Gilmore?

Even though the scene is brief, we couldn’t help but wonder whether or not Bledel really speaks Spanish or only learned a few words for the scene on Gilmore Girls.

Bledel is, in fact, fluent in Spanish. Her stilted Spanish in the scene from Season 6 is fake.

Rory Gilmore (Alexis Bledel) speaking to her grandmother’s maid in Spanish. | Screenshot, Gilmore Girls

Spanish is Bledel’s first language with English being her second. She grew up speaking Spanish and only learned English when she went to school.

“They [Bledel’s parents] made the decision to raise their children within the context they had been raised in, so we speak Spanish in my parents’ house and my mom cooks amazing Mexican food,” Bledel told Latina magazine in 2005.

Bledel gave a tour in Spanish on ‘The Ellen DeGeneres Show’

During a Nov. 2005 appearance on The Ellen DeGeneres Show, Bledel and Graham walked around the Gilmore Girls set on the Warner Bros. lot and gave guests a tour.

Lauren Graham and Alexis Bledel on ‘The Ellen DeGeneres Show’ | YouTube

Graham gave the tour in English which Bledel translated to Spanish. Bledel explained to Ellen DeGeneres that her parents were from Argentina and Mexico.

Is Bledel teaching her son Spanish?

Bledel married her Mad Men co-star, Vincent Kartheiser, in 2014. The following year they welcomed a son. The couple kept the pregnancy private all the way up to the baby’s birth.

The world only found out Bledel had become a mother because her Gilmore Girls co-star, Scott Patterson (Luke Danes), broke the news in an interview about the show’s revival.

Alexis Bledel
Alexis Bledel | Jeff Kravitz/FilmMagic

“She’s really blossomed as a woman and now she’s a proud new mother and married and happy,” Patterson said. “We’re comparing notes because my son [born July 2014] is about a year and a half older than her young son. I’m showing her photos and videos and what to expect. We’re just really enjoying each other’s company.”

Kartheiser and Bledel remain very private about their personal lives. We don’t definitively know if Bledel is teaching her son to speak Spanish (there aren’t even any pictures of her son on the internet) but we can assume she’s following her in her parents’ footsteps speaking Spanish in her home.