Alison Brie Had Some Empowering Advice for ‘The Hunt’ Actress Betty Gilpin

There probably won’t be a more controversial film released in 2020 than The Hunt. Already delayed due to its alleged political plot of elites hunting so-called “deplorables”, it’s finally been released to mixed reviews. While personal opinion of the film is one thing, hearing how the cast perceive it is helping bring a better understanding. Part of this starts with listening to its star: Betty Gilpin.

Those familiar with the retro wrestling series GLOW on Netflix will know Gilpin well as Debbie “Liberty Belle” Eagan, including her co-star, Alison Brie (Ruth “Zoya the Destroya” Wilder).

The two have become close friends, and Gilpin recently wrote an editorial with some valuable actor life advice from Brie.

Based on these comments, it seems Gilpin took them to heart before deciding to work on The Hunt.

Alison Brie’s advice to Betty Gilpin

Alison Brie
Alison Brie | Rich Polk/Getty Images for IMDb

Gilpin recently wrote an insightful essay for Glamour about her past life/career experiences. In the piece, she acknowledges a typical problem in Hollywood: Having to be judged based on appearance.

She expresses gratitude being able to work with creative women on GLOW, something that’s made the filming atmosphere more appealing for the mostly female cast. Since Gilpin has been judged a little too much in her past about what her body looked like, she was finally able to find a place where she could freely express herself without fear.

This feeling was enhanced thanks to Alison Brie giving her some advice on the set. According to Gilpin, Brie told her “you don’t have to choose between being liked and having a voice.”

Much of this came about by observing Brie as well. While filming GLOW, Brie has never been afraid to speak up and ask questions about something she might not agree with about her character.

For Gilpin, this was the most empowering thing she’d ever seen while working on a TV show or movie.

Did Alison Brie’s philosophy help Betty Gilpin decide to do ‘The Hunt?’

Taking advice from fellow co-stars can be a profound moment in helping shape thoughts and decisions in what to do next. Seeing Brie’s bravery in the acting industry seemed to rub off on Gilpin in choosing other projects she believed in.

From the beginning, Gilpin thought The Hunt had a lot more to say than what the media was heaping upon it. When President Trump spoke out against it last fall), The Hunt seemed doomed forever until finally getting a theatrical release on March 13.

With Gilpin having the lead in the movie as Crystal, some people are discovering deeper messages in the film over our political divides. Finding those nuggets, though, might be difficult with a plot utilizing elites hunting so-called Trump supporters.

In a recent Variety interview with Gilpin, she notes the film is a ruse in creating more political grey areas.

Her view is The Hunt is more ambiguous in who stands for what politically. Taking a daring project like this seems to reach back directly to Brie’s advice given not long ago.

Should actors listen to their voices than worry about being liked?

Quite a few actors only take projects based on what they think will affect personal perceptions from fans. Now Gilpin appears to be reinforced enough to start taking projects based on what she thinks best represents herself rather than worry about being loved by all.

Perhaps that’s a more freeing philosophy to live under as an actor. Despite The Hunt still receiving mixed reviews for other reasons beyond politics, Gilpin might have at least made a good point to always give a film a watch first before making a judgment.

Whether The Hunt was really a good idea in our divided times is one thing. Being true to one’s self as an artist may be the real message in a time when too many people conform based on fear of politics and personal opinion.