Here Are All of the Cliffhangers From the ‘Diary of a Future President’ Season 2 Finale

The Disney+ original series Diary of a Future President revealed more about the Cañero-Reed family with its second season. However, there are still some questions regarding characters like Bobby, Elena, and Gabi. Here are a few of the biggest fan questions.

[This article contains spoilers from Diary of a Future President season 2.]

The character Elena Cañero-Reed from the Disney+ original series, 'Diary of a Future President'
The character Elena Cañero-Reed from the Disney+ original series, ‘Diary of a Future President’ | Christopher Willard

Does Liam have feelings for Bobby?

Before he came out to his family, Bobby Cañero-Reed had a secret crush on Liam for several episodes of this Disney+ original series. This character was reluctant to say anything about it, though, even to his best friends. 

By the final episode of Diary of a Future President Season 2, Bobby was in a relationship with a junior named CJ. After a pretty awkward conversation with Danny, Liam figured out that Bobby had a crush on him. It was too late for Liam to say anything about his feelings, though. 

Did Elena win her school’s election?

Elena Cañero-Reed went from “Patty Meltdown” to one of the final candidates for her middle school’s student representative. With the help of her squad, this character helped find her voice and use it to amplify the concerns of others. 

However, fans left off on a bit of a cliffhanger when it came to the final results of the election. Did Elena win or did the new kid, Emilio, earn the title? Did their rival win with his controversial “Swansby” platform? Viewers will have to wait for season 3 to find out.

What’s next for Camila and her fiancé?

Camila had pretty extravagant plans to propose to her partner. Unfortunately, while this character talked about it to Bobby, her girlfriend overheard the marriage proposal plan. As a result, the couple asked each other in their home. The answer was, of course, yes.

With a less-than-exciting proposal, some fans wonder what’s in store for these characters and their upcoming marriage ceremony. Gabi, as the maid of honor, will most likely play a large role in this event.

Will Sam propose to Gabi?

OK, moving into the Cañero-Reed house was a massive step for Sam. Even before that, though, he was a kind of father figure to Bobby and Elena. He showed his love for Gabi in several ways, big and small. 

Although they had their fair share of arguments, their bond only grew stronger. Gabi even called Sam part of their family. So when will Sam pop the question? Obviously, there was a lot of marriage talk in the office, especially with Camila. What’s next for Gabi and Sam’s relationship, then? 

Unfortunately, fans will have to wait for several months to find out what happens next to these characters. Although Diary of a Future President hinted at a third season with Elena’s shocked “wait what,” this original series has not been confirmed for a season 3. Not yet, anyway. 

It did take Disney months after the season 1 finale to share the Cañero-Reed family would return for more episodes. As a result, fans can most likely learn more about this series in the coming months. Diary of a Future President is available for streaming exclusively on Disney+.

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