‘All My Children’: Dorothy Lyman and Her Character’s Successor Shared an Unexpected Connection

Soap opera fans and enthusiasts probably fondly remember All My Children.

The ABC TV show took place in Pine Valley, Pennsylvania, a suburban town just outside the city of Philadelphia. All My Children first premiered in 1970, and the beloved and entertaining soap opera remained on the air until 2011. Over the years, many viewers and audiences anxiously watched as the characters’ stories dramatically unfolded, and it is safe to say many fans have been missing the show.

Fortunately, that won’t be the case for too much longer. Kelly Ripa is one of the people behind the up-and-coming reboot that so many fans are looking forward to. 

However, before getting carried away with the potential of new content, followers of All My Children will want to take a minute to appreciate the unique and rare connection between former cast members. Take a look back at the ABC series and the surprising connection Dorothy Lyman and her character’s successor on All My Children shared.  

The cast and characters of ‘All My Children’

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The cast and characters are one of the many reasons All My Children was so successful. Erica Kane, one of the most popular characters in soap opera history, was played by Susan Lucci.

David Canary took on the role of Adam Chandler, a character known for his twin status and inclinations for marriage. Tad Martin was played by the talented and popular actor Michael Knight who received multiple Daytime Emmys for his performances and character on All My Children.

Cameron Mathison, Alicia Minshew, and Walt Willey were a few of the other individuals who were cast as regulars on the well-known soap opera. 

The most memorable actors and actresses to appear on ‘All My Children’

LOUIS EDMONDS, DOROTHY LYMAN | Walt Disney Television via Getty Images Photo Archives/Walt Disney Television via Getty Images

All My Children had an incredible cast of regulars, but the series is also well-known for having some of the most popular guest stars. From fleeting roles to tight schedules, the set of All My Children has been the foundation and turning point for many.

Before she was Buffy Summers and slaying vampires, Sarah Michelle Gellar took on the screen as Kendall Hart in All My Children. Josh Duhamel is another A-list celebrity whose career took off thanks to the soap opera. Chadwick Boseman and Michael B. Jordan are two extremely well-known and celebrated actors who took on the role of Reggie Montgomery. 

Dorothy Lyman and her character’s successor on ‘All My Children’ shared an unexpected connection

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Life is full of unexpected turns, and celebrities and actors are no exception to that. With that being said, oftentimes, especially in a soap opera, it is not unusual for characters to get recast or to pass the responsibility on to another individual. However, what is unusual is having a personal connection to the predecessor. 

That was the case for Lyman, the actress who played Opal Gardner on All My Children. Lyman worked on the set of the soap opera from 1981 to 1983. Jill Larson was the actress cast in Opal’s 1989 return. Larson became a fan-favorite on All My Children, but some of the series’ fans and followers may have been surprised to learn about the connection she shared with her predecessor.

As TV Insider has shared, Lyman and Larson actually went to the same high school at the same time, which technically means the actresses were classmates together. Talk about a small world.