‘All of Us Are Dead’: Meet the Rising Young Cast of Actors in the Netflix Zombie K-Drama

Netflix’s zombie apocalypse Korean drama All of Us Are Dead stars a young cast of actors still making their mark in the industry. For some K-drama fans, the main cast of All of Us Are Dead will look familiar as they have appeared in well-known works like Viki’s School 2021. The cast plays the roles of high school students trapped inside their school as they deal with a viral outbreak.

The main cast for Netflix's 'All of Us Are Dead' wearing green school uniforms.
The main cast for Netflix’s ‘All of Us Are Dead’ | via Netflix

Yoo In-soo plays the role of Yoon Gwi-nam in ‘All of Us Are Dead’ main cast

The South Korean actor Yoo In-soo has many accolades under his belt, appearing on television. But Yoo is still considered a relatively new actor. Fans will recognize him from his supporting role in the hit teen K-drama My ID is Gangnam Beauty as Park Rae-sun, a bar owner.

Yoo also appeared as a student in At Eighteen as Yoo Pil-sang. Fans of Park Hyung-sik‘s Strong Girl Bong-soon will see Yoo in a guest role as a lackey. Before his role in All of Us Are Dead, the actor played roles in Chocolate and a guest role in the crime K-drama Stranger 2.

Park Solomon has grown up since his breakthrough role in another teen K-drama

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Park Solomon is making his mark on the acting industry as a main cast member in Netflix’s All of Us Are Dead K-drama. The actor does not have the longest list of accolades, but he is well recognized for one particular K-drama. In 2017, he starred as the male lead in Sweet Revenge.

Sweet Revenge is a coming-of-age teen romance drama starring Kim Hyang-gi as Ho Goo-hee. She discovers a phone app where she writes someone’s name and revenge soon follows. Park plays the role of Ji-hoon, her classmate who soon becomes her love interest. The K-drama also starred ASTRO idol and actor Cha Eun-woo.

Cho Yi-hyun is already a recognized rising K-drama actor before her role in ‘All of Us Are Dead’

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Many K-drama fans will recognize Cho Yi-hyun’s soft features. In the All of Us Are Dead K-drama, the actor stars as high school student Choi Nam-Ra. But the 22-year-old actor has played various roles and even appeared in Park’s Sweet Revenge.

Cho gained more notoriety as the character Seo Yeon in Woo Do-hwang’s My Country: The New Age. She played the role of the lead character’s twin sister. In 2020, she became a favorite in Hospital Playlist as the budding new medical intern Jang Yun-Bok in both seasons.

But the All of Us Are Dead actor continued her rise to fame, starring in the KBS2 and Viki K-drama, School 2021. In the role of Jin Ji-won, she is a sweet and caring student at a specialized school who dreams of becoming a carpenter.

Park Ji-hoo gained fame for her role in the ‘House of Hummingbird’ movie

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In her first zombie K-drama, Park Ji-hoo stars as part of the main cast for All of Us Are Dead as On-jo. While starring in the drama, she will also star in tvN’s Little Women as Oh In-hye. The drama centers around three sisters and how they fend of rich and powerful families based on the 1868 novel of the same name by Louisa May Alcott.

The actor also played the role of Jung Da-hee in the family K-drama Beautiful World. But Park made her mark in the industry in movies. She starred as Eun-hee in the critically acclaimed 2018 movie House of the Hummingbird. Park will also appear in Concrete Utopia alongside Lee Byung-hun, Park Seo-joon, and Park Bo-young.

Yoon Chan-young plays a leading role in the main cast for ‘All of Us Are Dead’

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The 20-year-old got his start as a child actor. Yoon Chan-young has a long list of works starting in 2013. Yoon has appeared in Gap-dong, Six Flying Dragons, Dr. Romantic, and The King in Love as a young actor. Fans of the human and non-human K-drama The Bride of Habaek would recognize Yoon as a young Shin Hoo-ye.

In the 2019 medical K-drama Doctor Jonh, Yoon appeared as a CIPA patient and high school student. He also appeared as a student named Joo Dong-myung in the crime drama Nobody Knows. In All of Us Are Dead, fans can see Yoon as Chung-san in his main cast role.

All of Us Are Dead will be available on Netflix on Jan.28.