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Finding love on reality TV can be tricky. Giannina Gibelli explains why she kissed someone other than her crush on All Star Shore.

[SPOILER ALERT: Major spoilers ahead for All Star Shore episode 4.]  

Giannina Gibelli kissed James Tindale on ‘All Star Shore’

It didn’t take long for the single reality stars to start hooking up on All Star Shore. The second episode showed the cast partying together. 

Giannina got into the hot tub, and Blake Horstmann from The Bachelorette eagerly followed. James Tindale from Geordie Shore told Joey Essex from The Only Way is Essex that he was also interested in her. 

“You got to understand it’s very early days. We both like the same girl,” James said in his confessional. Joey noticed they were in the hot tub together and decided to crash it.

More cast members joined them to play a drinking game. Blake made it clear in his confessional that he didn’t want his first kiss with Giannina there, so he picked questions. However, Giannina decided kiss. Blake volunteered to kiss her, but she kissed his neck instead. 

It was James’ turn, and he picked kiss. He then passionately kissed Giannina on the lips. “F*ck, that sucks,” Blake said in his confessional. “It’s not even she kissed him. It’s the way she kissed him.” After this, Angelina was very angry with Giannina and accused her of playing the guys.

Giannina Gibelli says she didn’t want her first kiss with Blake Horstmann to be public

Giannina and Angelina Pivarnick were having a good time together at the barbecue in episode 4. The Jersey Shore star then talked about Giannina’s flirty relationship with Blake.

“You and Blake are really cute, I must say,” Angelina told her. She later added, “He’s a really good guy.” Giannina revealed she wouldn’t sleep in Blake’s bed because she wants to take her time getting to know him.

“It’s amazing because then when you get out of here, it’ll be better,” Angelina said. “You want your first time to be romantic.” Giannina said, “Well, that’s why I didn’t kiss him in the jacuzzi.” The Love Is Blind star added, “Because I didn’t want it to be in front of everybody.”

Angelina admitted she thought Giannina was playing with his heart and apologized for getting upset. The Jersey Shore star said they have squashed their problems and will have a new friendship.

Who is Giannina currently dating?

Giannina Gibelli looks over her shoulder in a pink dress.
Giannina Gibelli | David Livingston/FilmMagic

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Many fans noticed Giannina had a secret man for months. She did toy with posting pictures with him but would cover his face on Instagram.

She finally revealed that she had been dating Blake since the show was released. So obviously, the couple will only grow stronger with time this season.