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Some All Star Shore cast members were friends before the reality show. But that doesn’t mean they’ll have an easy time together competing. Here is how Trina Njoroge keeps getting in between a couple on the show.

[SPOILER ALERT: Major spoilers ahead for All Star Shore episode 3.]  

Trina Njoroge was in a love triangle on ‘Love Island USA’

Before All Star Shore, Trina was on season 3 of Love Island USA. She eventually was caught in a love triangle with Cashay Proudfoot and Cinco Holland Jr. 

In the end, none of them made it to the finale. But Cashay and Cinco started dating after the season. 

Trina and Cashay were friends during the season despite their feelings for the same man. But that friendship ended after the season with them making accusations against each other on Twitter.

Trina Njoroge gets into drama with Bethan Kershaw and Johnny Middlebrooks on ‘All Star Shore’

In the first episode, Bethan Kershaw from Geordie Shore and Johnny Middlebrooks from Love Island USA quickly connected. Trina is also Johnny’s partner in competitions. Johnny’s connection with the two ladies in the third episode got complicated.

The cast went to the club; at first, Bethan stayed back to rest. Johnny and Trina had a sexy dance together. “I’m single now. I’m not gonna act up,” Johnny claimed. But everything changed when Bethan surprisingly showed up at the club. 

He quickly left Trina for Bethan. “F*ck that,” Trina said while looking at the couple. She hugged Bethan and said, “I danced with Johnny. You know we’re just friends.” Trina said it was about protecting herself because she didn’t want to get into drama.

Bethan asked Johnny if Trina was twerking on him, and he said yes. The British reality star said that’s very sexual and something she wouldn’t do. That’s when Johnny started to get upset with his teammate. 

“Why are you talking bullsh*t about me?” he asked Trina. “It’s not bullsh*t,” she said. Trina claimed Bethan wasn’t Johnny’s type in the previous episode. So it looks like this might be his last straw with her.

Will Trina and Johnny’s problems ruin their chances to win ‘All Star Shore’?

Trina Njoroge smiles as she holds her earring in one hand.
Trina Njoroge on ‘Love Island USA’ | Sara Mally/CBS via Getty Images

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The cast was immediately split into duos to compete throughout the season together. So they must get along to go far in the game. Trina and Johnny’s problems might start to get in the way of their game. 

The third episode ended with Trina getting into more drama. Jose Luis Cancel, also known as “Vanessa Vanjie Mateo” from RuPaul’s Drag Race, called her out when they got back from the club for not having Johnny’s back. It looks like her drama with Johnny will affect her relationships with other people in the house.