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Tom Brooks definitely earned himself a different kind of reputation the second season he was on 90 Day Fiancé: Before the 90 Days. When he was first introduced on the show, fans thought him to be quite the gentleman. But, during the second season, he said and did some pretty ungentlemanly things.

Tom Brooks of '90 Day Fiancé' on Instagram
Tom Brooks of ’90 Day Fiancé’ | Instagram @tombrooks_tv

Tom Brooks was ‘just himself’ on ’90 Day Fiancé’

In an interview Tom did with The Domenick Nati Show on May 29, he said he never promised he was a gentleman.

“I was just myself. So good, bad, and ugly, you got all of me. I wasn’t pretending to be anything else. I was just myself. So I think I kind of upset people because in the first series, like, ‘He’s such a gentleman.’ I’ve never said that. I’ve never said I’m a gentleman. It’s just the perception of someone,” he said.

Tom continued: “So by the second series, by saying and doing certain things, obviously that’s changed the perception of me somewhat. But I’m all of those things. I’m kind, loving, and I’m an obnoxious pig as well. I own it. And I hold my hands up and if there’s something wrong then I apologize for it.”

During the 90 Day Fiancé “Tell-All,” Tom was called out by several women for being “untrustworthy.”

Tom Brooks asked out Avery Warner right after she and Ash Naeck broke up

One of those women was Avery Warner. She shared that Tom had reached out to her shortly after she’d broken up with Ash Naeck saying he found her attractive and would she like to go out sometime? Then, she said Ash told her that Tom had screenshotted their messages and sent them to him to say, “Look what your ex-girlfriend is agreeing to just after you broke up.”

However, the truth came out that Ash had lied about Tom screenshotting the messages. He confessed that he told Avery that because he “was pissed at Tom and Avery.” Tom had notified Ash that he was asking Avery out as a courtesy. But there weren’t any screenshots involved.

Even after learning the truth, Avery still deemed Tom “an untrustworthy person.” So it’s safe to say they won’t be going out anytime soon.

Tom also asked out Stephanie Matto (and sort of Babygirl Lisa Hamme)

In the midst of all the drama, we also learned that Tom had reached out to Stephanie Matto after filming to ask her out. Stephanie was pretty tight-lipped when it came out that Tom had messaged her. Tom admitted he messaged Stephanie because “she’s hot.”


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In an effort to defend himself, Tom said, to be fair, he’d also asked “Babygirl” Lisa Hamme out to dinner when he was in New York. But Avery was quick to point out the difference in his messages. She received a message that referenced the fact that they were both single and that he finds her attractive. Lisa did not.

Today, Tom is dating a mystery woman he’d like to keep nameless as long as possible.

“I am [dating someone]. We’re taking it nice and slow, not putting it in the public forum, not having them on TLC. Trying to find some normality out of all the madness,” he told Nati.

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