‘All the Queens Men’ Star Candace Maxwell Teases Details About the Show: ‘It’s Filled With Crime and Passion’

Candace Maxwell is best known for her role on the Starz series Power, where she played Cassandra Haynes, the former staffer to and love interest of Councilman Rashad Tate. But she’ll take on a new position in the upcoming BET Plus series All the Queens Men.

Chatting with Showbiz Cheat Sheet, Maxwell offered up some insight into the show, on which she’s set to appear as DJ Dime.

Candace Maxwell poses for a photo wearing a black dress with white heels
Candace Maxwell on the red carpet at an event in 2014 | Walter McBride/Getty Images North America

‘All the Queens Men’ invites viewers into the world of exotic dancing

All the Queens Men, which is adapted from the book Ladies Night by actor Christian Keyes, was first announced in February. It focuses on Marilyn “Madam” DeVille (Eva Marcille), the savvy, powerful, and uncompromising owner of Club Eden, a high-class male strip club in Atlanta that is frequented by many.

“The vibe is definitely sexy,” Maxwell says of the show. “It’s a world that’s sexy, it’s filled with crime, and passion, and it’s very heightened.”

“It’s so visceral because you’re getting sex, not like actual sex, but just like the magnitude,” she continues. “It has like the classiness of a Vegas show, and it’s a place where these women come — specifically women of color, Black women — who have money to spend and want to have as much fun as the guys get to have. So it’s a place where women come to release their inhibitions, and it’s really powerful.”

The cast of All the Queens Men also features Skyh Alvester Black as a dancer with a hidden past; Racquel Palmer as Madam’s head of security; Michael Bolwaire as a dancer who gets a little too close with a patron; Keith Swift as an OG stripper thinking of retiring; Dion Rome as an employee known for flirting with Madam; Jeremy Williams as one of Madam’s closest peers; and Keyes as a hitman hired to kill her.

Candace Maxwell on playing DJ Dime in ‘All the Queens Men’

“Dime enters the show as Madam’s assistant,” Maxwell tells us of her character. “And through being her assistant she gave Dime a promotion. I manage the nightclub now. So you’ll get to see me in a managerial position, handling all of Madam’s problems on the professional end.”

“I also DJ the club and I MC,” she adds. “So I’m wearing multiple hats. I’m clearly the voice of Eden because I’m the one controlling [everything].”

Her goal, Maxwell says, is to become a mogul just like Madam. “She’s someone who wants to learn from Madam and become a businesswoman herself and own things. So I think her story is a story of growth as a woman,” Maxwell explains. “She also came out of a bad relationship, so you’ll see her grow.”

It’ll all lead up to a “big twist” in the finale of the show. “So you’ll see that Dime becomes even more invaluable to the club,” Maxwell promises.

How to watch ‘All the Queens Men’

All the Queens Men premieres on Thursday, Sept. 9. Find it on BET Plus.

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