Allison Holker Boss Says Hosting HGTV’s ‘Design Star: Next Gen’ Left Her Speechless

Allison Holker Boss said hosting HGTV‘s Design Star: Next Gen left her speechless. The Dancing With the Stars alum told Showbiz Cheat Sheet she was truly blown away by the talents and creativity featured on the series.

“Literally all of it” was impressive, she recalled about witnessing the designers’ talents that are featured on the show. Holker Boss reflected on the new series while promoting her partnership with the Incredible Egg for The Incredible Egg Challenge.

Allison Holker Boss holding an egg
Allison Holker Boss prepares for the Egg Challenge |Courtesy of The Incredible Egg

‘Design Star: Next Gen’ features serious design stars

“There was a challenge that we brought on an airplane, a caboose, and a bus,” she recalled. “And they had a couple of days to transform these spaces – and like what I say, transform, it’s not just like all you had to do was like pick a couch – like they had to paint and add structures inside of these spaces and like make multiple rooms!”

The weekly HGTV design competition revisits the wildly popular show Design Star, but adds an amped-up twist. The series was shot in a remote “design hub” and each designer was given access to a special workshop area. Each challenge was built to put the designers’ skills to the test, with each competing to win $50,000 cash, plus their own show on the network. The series kicked off on HGTV and the new streaming service discovery + on Feb. 24.

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Holker Boss said every challenge left her completely stunned. “Like, these are insane challenges that they have to do, like in a matter of days,” she emphasized. “So that was really, really crazy to watch all of that unfold because at one point, being the host, I was like, are we giving them something that’s even achievable? Are they going to be OK?”

“It was amazing,” she continued. “And so and they all do it like, you know, of course, there’s highs and lows emotionally because they all want to have that, like, title at the end of the day, you know, so there’s a lot of nerves that naturally kind of unfold. And, like, the stakes are really high. But in the end, they always achieve success. And I think that’s the really cool thing to see.”

Allison Holker Boss says each ‘Design Star: Next Gen’ designer brings a unique skillset

Holker Boss said she walked away from the project in awe of the designers. “The designers are so talented that like every single day I’d show up to set, like just being able to witness and see their creations unfolding. And also how quickly everything unfolds is just like it’s so amazing just to be able to witness all of that.”

Design competitors were chosen from throughout the country. From Atlanta to Los Angeles, each designer brought a unique style and flavor to the series. Holker Boss wasn’t sure how the competitors were selected. But each competitor enhanced the show in their own way, she said.

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“We have eight designer renovators on the show, and each one of them are so diverse and so eclectic and different in their designs and their ideas,” she said. “And you see that from their personalities showcased in their designs, which I think is really, really cool. I think the show did a fantastic job of casting, and I’m really, really excited to see how it kind of changes the design world.”

The Incredible Egg for The Incredible Egg Challenge, where three challengers show off their creativity when it comes to baking, cooking, crafting, entertaining, and designing with eggs, runs through March 30.

HGTV’s Design Star: Next Gen streams on discovery +.