‘Alone’ Season 8 Cast: Where Are They Now? 

You’re not alone if you’ve recently discovered Alone Season 8 on Netflix. The popular reality TV show follows 10 contestants attempting to survive independently in the wilderness. Season 8 premiered on The History Channel in June 2021, but all 12 episodes did not drop to Netflix until June 30, 2022. The competition was filmed in September 2020, so it’s been a while since the survivalists returned home from Chiko Lake, British Columbia, where the production dropped them. Take a look at what the 10 Alone Season 8 contestants are doing now in 2022. 

What is Clay from ‘Alone’ Season 8 doing now?

Clay Hayes from Milton, Florida, won Alone Season 8, lasting 74 days in the first Alpine season of The History Channel series. He also appears in the spinoff series, Alone: The Skills Challenge. The professional bowyer and hunter grew up in the pine woods of Northwest Florida, hunting, fishing, and trapping. 

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Clay currently lives with his wife Liz, and two sons, Coye and Fen, in North Idaho. They love to hunt, forage, and garden together. Clay recently released a book, Surviving Alone, about his wilderness experience on the show. He also has an active YouTube channel where he shares advice and how-tos on everything from tying knots to filtering water and creating fire with nothing but a knife.

Where is Biko from the ‘Alone’ Season 8 cast now?

Biko Wright from Otis, Oregon, is the runner-up of Alone Season 8, lasting 73 days in Chiko Lake. He grew up in Topanga Canyon, California, where he went camping, backpacking, snowboarding, snorkeling, spearfishing, and hunting. 

Biko currently lives in the woods of Western Oregon with his fiance, Erin, and twin girls, Xyla and Nixie. Erin and Biko’s children were born on Feb. 5, 2021. He continues to be the lead singer of his band, Sirion, which released its debut album on Aug. 13, 2021. According to his Instagram, Biko teaches survival skills with fellow teachers on workshopping trips. They spent the most recent expedition in rural Montana and Idaho in an “extremely remote” location.

What is Theresa from the ‘Alone’ Season 8 cast doing now?

'Alone' logo from The History Channel
‘Alone’ logo | The History Channel

Theresa Emmerich Kamper competed in Alone Season 8 for 69 days before the medical team evacuated her due to a low BMI. She lost too much weight and could not continue the competition, which put her in third place. According to her Instagram account, Theresa is an “archaeologist passionate about ancestral skills.” She has a Ph.D. in prehistory leather analysis, and she continues to travel across Europe, North America, and the Near East to teach practical courses. She continually shares available courses with her followers on social media.

Where is Colter from the ‘Alone’ Season 8 cast now?

Colter Barnes lasted 67 days in Alone Season 8 before a medical evacuation due to a low BMI. He currently lives in Gustavus, Alaska, and teaches at Tidelines Institute. He has the opportunity to do what he loves by teaching “homesteading” skills to students every summer. According to his Facebook account, Colter is in a relationship with Conny Rios Escobar. 

What is Rose Anna Moore doing now?

The Alone Season 8 medical team evacuated Rose Anna Moore after 37 days in the wilderness due to frostbite and malnutrition. Rose currently resides in Wellsboro, PA, where she runs a nonprofit organization, ThisIsMyQuestInc. Through her grassroots efforts, her platform provides conservation education to help preserve the outdoors.

Background information from The History Channel cast page. 

Alone Season 8 is available for streaming on Netflix, Hulu, and The History Channel.

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