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If you thought that the Alone Season 8 winner Clay Hayes lasted the longest in The History Channel series, you might be shocked to hear how many players lasted longer. He outlasted all the other participants in his season by surviving 74 days in the Grizzly Mountain location. However, 10 other players survived longer than the 74 days that Hayes endured. Find out who is the longest-surviving contestant in the nine seasons of The History Channel’s reality TV series Alone.

Roland Welker holds the record for the longest-surviving contestant in ‘Alone’ — 100 days

In Alone: Million Dollar Challenge Season 7, The History Channel producers added a new twist to the game. Instead of outlasting all the other players, the survivalists’ goal was to last 100 days in the east arm of Great Slave Lake in the Northwest Territories of Canada. There could be multiple winners or no winners at all. However, 47-year-old Roland Welker was the only one to make it 100 days. The producers dropped Welker and nine other contestants into the wilderness on Sept. 18, 2019.

Callie Russell is in second place for longest-surviving contestant — 89 days

In the same season as Roland Welker, Callie Russell survived in the excruciating terrain for 89 days. She left the wilderness competition only because of frostbite on her toes. The medical team evacuated her because of her serious health condition. Although she lasted the second-longest number of days in Alone history, she came in second place to Roland in season 7.

‘Alone’ third longest-surviving contestant is Zachary Fowler — 87 days

Zachary Fowler stands in third place for the longest number of days in Alone. He won season 3 after surviving for 87 days at the age of 36. By the time he won, he had lost 70 pounds, which was a third of his initial body weight. Season 3 marked the first time the medical team pulled a contestant out of the game for medical reasons. It took place in a different location than the first two seasons — Patagonia, Argentina, in South America. The producers dropped the contestants at various lakes in the foothills of the Andes Mountain range. 

‘Alone’ fourth place for number of days lasted: Carleigh Fairchild and — 86 days

Carleigh Fairchild competed in Alone Season 3 with Zachary. However, she tapped out one day before him after a medical check, making her record number of days 86. The team found that Carleigh’s BMI had dropped too low. One of the rules that Alone contestants must adhere to is regular medical checks. If a participant’s BMI falls below 17, the medical team evacuates the player from the game.

Fifth place — Kielyn Marrone — 80 days

Alone: Million Dollar Challenge for season 7 produced three contestants who remain in the top 10 for the longest number of days in the series. Kielyn Marrone ended her time in the reality TV competition in third place with 80 days in the wilderness. She tapped out due to starvation in the rugged terrain.

‘Alone’ sixth place longest-surviving contestants: Megan Hanacek and Juan Pablo Quiñonez — 78 days

Megan Hanacek and Juan Pablo Quiñonez hold the record for surviving 78 days in Alone. However, Juan Pablo won season 9 after 78 days, whereas Megan placed third in season 3. Megan tapped out due to jaw pain from two broken molars. 

'Alone' Season 9 winner Juan Pablo Quiñonez. He's wearing a warm hoodie and camo pants. He's on one knee with his arm resting on the other knee with trees in the background.
Juan Pablo Quiñonez | Brendan George Ko/History Channel

Jordan Jonas is the seventh longest-surviving contestant — 77 days

In Alone Season 6, Jordan Jonas outlasted the other contestants by remaining in the Arctic for 77 days. Although the season was titled, Alone: The Arctic, the producers dropped the 10 contestants in the Northwest Territories of Canada, about 250 miles south of the Arctic Circle. Jordan was the first contestant to kill a big game during the show by killing a moose.


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Three contestants lasted 75 days, putting them in eighth place

Before Clay Hayes won Alone Season 8, the family pair Jim and Ted Baird won season 4, lasting 75 days in the wilderness. They participated in the Alone: Lost and Found challenge in the Quatsino Territory. However, they did work as a team after the 10 days it took for the pair to reunite. Then in season 9, Karie Lee Knoke also survived 75 days before tapping out due to exhaustion and starvation.

A total of 10 contestants outlasted the season 8 winner, Clay Hayes. However, he still remains in the top 10 for longest-surviving contestants in Alone

Alone Season 8 is currently available for streaming on Netflix, Hulu, and The History Channel.