‘Alone’ Season 9 Cast: Where Are They Now?

The History Channel’s Alone Season 9 recently concluded airing; however, the contestants began their survival challenge nearly one year ago. The reality TV show producers dropped 10 participants in Northern Labrador, Canada, on Sept. 18, 2021. Winner Juan Pablo Quiñonez survived independently for 78 days, so it’s been a while since he and the other players returned home. Take a look at what the top 5 Alone Season 9 contestants are doing now in 2022.

'Alone' Season 9 contestants lined up together in the wilderness
‘Alone’ Season 9 cast | The History Channel

What is Juan Pablo from ‘Alone’ Season 9 doing now?

Juan Pablo Quiñonez from Pinawa, Manitoba, Canada, won Alone Season 9, lasting 78 days in the lower reaches of the Big River in Northern Labrador, Canada. He grew up in Mexico, where he spent time in the forest trapping rattlesnakes, scorpions, and lizards. 

Since competing in Alone, the survival specialist completed a book he began working on in 2020. Quiñonez celebrated the release of his book, Thrive: Long-Term Wilderness Survival Guide, to his followers on Instagram on July 13, 2022. He can now add author to his list of professions which include being an outdoor professional and wilderness first responder.

In addition to working tirelessly on his informative book, he continues to take on adventures with his partner, Jennifer. He recently shared a video from a canoe trip and posted photos of a winter cross-country skiing trip. 

Where is Karie Lee Knoke from ‘Alone’ Season 9 now?

Karie Lee Knoke from Sandpoint, Idaho, is the runner-up of Alone Season 9, lasting 75 days in Labrador, Canada. Since competing in Alone, Karie continues to teach wilderness and primitive living skills around the country. She still lives off-grid in a yurt, which she has called home for 23 years. The survivalist also runs Sacred Cedars Wilderness School at the base of the Selkirk Mountains in North Idaho.

According to Karie Lee’s website, she runs “week-long immersion expeditions into the wilderness.” She also works as a pesticide research scientist, collecting data for publication in scientific journals on pesticide toxicity. Karie Lee has an informative YouTube channel where viewers can find more behind-the-scenes knowledge about her time on Alone.

What is Teimojin Tan from the ‘Alone’ Season 9 cast doing now?

Teimojin Tan competed in Alone Season 9 for 63 days before he tapped out because he missed his family, placing him in third place. Dr. Tan is an educational consultant who prepares people for medical emergencies in survival situations. He’s from Canada and lives in Montreal, Quebec.

He runs online courses, an active YouTube informational channel, and a company, Survival Doctors, which he uses for teaching and consultation. Since competing in season 9, Dr. Tan’s social media accounts and educational business have grown. He continues to do what he loves.

Where is Adam Riley from the ‘Alone’ Season 9 cast now?

Adam Riley from Fayetteville, Arkansas, lasted 52 days in Alone Season 9 before tapping out due to starvation. He still resides in the Arkansas Ozarks where he builds custom treehouses. However, his next endeavor after competing in Alone is to traverse the length of the Northwest Passage. 

In 2023, Adam and fellow survivalist, Matty Clarke, will attempt to row the great wilderness of the Northwest Passage. It will fall during the summer months to avoid the icy winter weather. The trip will take the pair 2000 miles through the arctic terrain. Adam plans to create a documentary of the journey and write a book. He currently has a YouTube video showing how he made the rowboat he intends to use for this journey, which no one has ever completed before in history.

What is Jessie Krebs doing now?

Jessie Krebs from Pagosa Springs, Colorado, survived for 46 days in Alone Season 9 before the medical team evacuated her due to stomach inflammation. Since competing, the Wilderness Survival Instructor opened a school exclusively for women — O.W.L.S Skills. The name of her school stands for Outdoorsy Women Learning Survival Skills. She hosts beginner courses like Women Survival Weekends as well as online courses. 


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Her dream for the school is to empower and support women in learning the wilderness survival skills often reserved and passed down by men. 

Background information from The History Channel cast page. 

Alone Seasons 1 through 9 are available for streaming via The History Channel, and season 8 is also available on Netflix. The two spinoffs, Alone: Frozen and Alone: The Skills Challenge, are now airing with new episodes every Thursday.